Buldan Foundation is on HelpSteps...


Buldan Foundation is among the Non-Governmental Organizations to which step donations can be made, with the agreement it signed with Help Steps, a health and common sense application that can be downloaded and used free of charge all over the world. Helps Steps, an application that records the number of steps taken daily for a healthy life, differs from other step counter applications in that it aims to provide motivation to its users by allowing them to convert the steps they take into donations. First of all, you need to download the application to your phone and create an account by entering the required basic information. After creating this account, the steps you take accumulate in the application. All you have to do is enter the application at the end of the day, before 24:00 at night, click on the "Convert my steps to HS" button and convert your steps into HS points by watching a short advertisement first. At the end of the day, you can either accumulate the HS points that the steps turn into or donate them to a contracted non-governmental organization through the application. The HelpSteps application, which supports both healthy living and social cooperation motivation, is free and can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. Buldan Foundation takes part in the practice with the "Our Daughter Will Study" project, which it has been carrying out since its establishment and supporting young university students. In this way, the steps you take turn into support.