The Anna Lindh Report

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To embed an evidence-based approach to programming and policy-making at the local, national and regional level, the ALF invests in intercultural trends research. The Foundation, in partnership with leading polling organisations, conducts the only comparative analysis of its kind on the evolution of perceptions, values and behaviours in the Euro-Mediterranean: the Anna Lindh Report on Intercultural Trends and Social Change in the EuroMed region. 

Published since 2010, the Report is based on a unique public polling methodology co-designed with Gallup and Ipsos-MORI across a representative sample of around 13000 people from 13 different countries of the region and analyses by experts in intercultural affairs. Every three years, the countries are chosen based on a rotation system, which allows for gradually surveying all the countries of the region. 

The Report is a tool to identify priority areas of action in favour of dialogue and a pioneering resource for the Euro-Mediterranean agenda.

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The Foundation’s research work on intercultural trends roots its origins in the Prodi High-Level Group Report (2003): “We will need an evaluation tool that can perform the difficult task of assessing something as intangible as the dialogue’s impact, which cannot be systematically measured with complete scientific rigor. We propose a “Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Barometer”, or opinion poll, to be carried out every other year on collective mutual perceptions in a sample of countries (...) The Foundation could certainly undertake such an initiative as part of its assessment functions. It would then be able to use the poll to produce and coordinate a regular social survey based on a detailed analysis of values and attitudes”.