Intercultural Cities and Learning


Cities as laboratory of intercultural dialogue are in the frontline in promoting diversity management, inclusiveness, social cohesion, and sustainable development. This vision is aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and more in particular with SDG 11 to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and suatainable.

In the framework of its intercultural cities and learning programme and building on its capacity-building scheme for intercultural citizenship education, in 2021 the ALF launches the EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award, the Local Dialogue Platforms and a scheme to financially support civil society collaborations within its EuroMed civil society Network for the promotion of dialogue at the local level.

These actions aim to encourage a systemic approach for dialogue at the local level, to give visibility to the work regularly taking place by various civil society and institutional actors, and to advocate for further politicy and operational investment in this direction.

The ALF is committed to present the results of the Intercultural cities and learning programme in the framework of the Day of the Mediterranean on 28 November 2021, set up as an annual celebration by the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean in commemoration of the signature of the 1995 Barcelona Declaration.

Intercultural Cities

Intercultural Learning