Association of Citizens Against Tolerance of diversity - ToPeeR

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البوسنة والهرسك
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
ToPeeR is organized and worked through the whole organization: Youth Forum (working with and for marginalized groups), Consumer Protection Forum, the Forum for gender equality (women) and the Resource Centre to develop and support civil society organizations. Has 165 members. 2 people are employed for an indefinite period and 7 per contract agreement. ToPeeR is one of 23 Friendly Youth center in Bosnia and Herzegovina The organization is sustainable because it has permanent contracts with the Ministry of Trade and Tourism and the five-year partnership agreement with the Association XY (Global Found). The annual budget depends on the organization of projects that applied, and the average of the last three years is 65.000 KM. In the period of 2009 - 2012. sources of funding are the EU, the Global Fund and the Italian government UG ToPeeR operates through projects and community work through the principle of development with community participation. The main partners of our association XY Sarajevo, Human Rights Office Tuzla, Sarajevo and the Mosaic Foundation, CSPC Sarajevo; Municipality Doboj, Kindergarten Doboj , Centre for Social Work Doboj
Mission and Objectives

VISION: Improving Life in the community, civil society development, democratic relationships, life worthy of human beings with the right to work, education, health and social care, environmental protection and sustainable development, humanity.
The mission of our organization is acting in the affirmation and creation of the regulated community whose members have equal opportunities for social inclusion, economic justice and environmental responsibility.
The objectives of the organization are:By an own activity to affect on the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to contribute to the process of democratization and national reconciliation at the local and wider level and involvement in all forms of struggle to accelerate the process of democratization of the whole society.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Maximize coverage of effective HIV prevention and care among most at risk populations – Global Found
2. The culture of living – financed by the CHF.
3. Dialogues II – in the partnership with the organization the Bureau for the Human Rights Tuzla – financed by the European – promotion of the work of the selected representatives of the national minorities and advocating activity on the amendment of the law that regulate this area.
4. MAIM Alternative measures to the institutionalization of the minors without a parental taking care and support and support to the young in the special state of the poverty and neglect – financed by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic Italy (the project in three phases: campaign and advocating the provider families and monitoring).
5. Initiative for the protection of the waters in the basin of the river Spreča – CLEAR MIND FOR CLEAR WATER – financed by the Europe Union and in the partnership with the Centre for Development and Support from Tuzla - advocating for making a Regulation Plan for arranging the bed of the drainage basin of the river Spreča.
6. Advocating for making the Law on Social Protection.
7. Anti-Corruption Program for Youth "Jolly Ambassadors

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We have the experience, human resources and a developed sense of fairness and honesty

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The principle of UG ToPeeR development with community participation, and our aim is to give our contribution to improving mutual understanding, respect and tolerance among different cultures and nations. As a member of the Network would have the opportunity to exchange experiences and establish cooperation with organizations in the region

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Snezana Seslija
Head of the organisation
Snezana Seslija
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Jusuf Makarevic