ALF Annual Working Programme 2022 Activities

Activities from January to March 2022

Activities April to December 2022

The Phase VI programme is organised in nine Working Packages. The first six are included in the signed Action Grant with the European Commission from April 2022 to March 2025.

 WP.1: Civil society network engagement (Action Grant)

A.1.1 Heads of National Networks coordination and invigorating exchanges

A.1.2 Networks Engagement Scheme (intercultural actions at national and regional level)

WP.2: Mobility and training (Action Grant)

A.2.1 Mobility to promote collaborative initiatives among intercultural actors

A.2.2 Enhancement Capacities with peer-to-peer approach

WP.3: Academia and local authorities’ synergies (Action Grant)

A.3.1 Intercultural dialogue knowledge for action

A.3.2 Mediterranean Capital for dialogue

A.3.3 Cultural initiatives and Intercultural activities related to the Mediterranean Day

WP.4: Governments and EU institutions synergies (Action Grant)

A.4.1 Engaging institutions to enhance Intercultural Public Policies

WP.5: Visibility and dissemination (Action Grant)

A.5.1 Website, Social Media, Audio-visual and Resource Centre

WP.6: Quality control, monitoring and evaluation (Action Grant)

A.6.1 Monitoring, evaluation and follow up missions related to main work packages

WP.7: Intercultural activities at local level coordinated by the ALF Secretariat

A.7.1 Cultural Activities in Egypt and other strategic partnerships

WP.8: EuroMed Internship Programme

A.8.1 Internship program to equip young graduates in practical intercultural skills

WP.9: Institutional meetings

A.9.1 Board of Governors meetings and Advisory Council meetings