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Across the sea

AMIS, Italy
APDHA, Spain
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The present project is aimed at outlining the comprehensive dimension of migration from Southern to Northern shores, with the long term goal of enhancing intercultural dialogue, empowering migrants and fostering alternative narratives and perception about migration.
A group of media experts have visited selected destinations in the Mediterranean: Malta, Israel, Tunis, Andalucia, and collected stories interviewing migrants. The objective is mapping the migration routes passing through those place. The narration of routes will allow people to understand reasons for migration, therefore contributing to undermine prejudices, to enhance mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue. The documentaries will be the base for 3 seminars, with 60 multipliers, 5 public events in Italy and Israel and a web based campaign and 4 advocacy meetings with local authorities.

The project will contribute to enhancing intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean area, fostering mutual knowledge and relationships between the two shores, working on a specific sensitive issue that creates divisions and conflicts: the increasing presence of immigrants. The project will create media products which work as a tool for raising awareness and fighting prejudices and discriminations.

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34 000
Sunday, September 1, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014