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Motions to Promised Lands

Youth A.R.T. Youth Art Research and Training Association, Turkey
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In physics motion is a change in position of a body in time and space. The project Motions to Promised Lands is an art documentary that addresses modes of motions to promised lands on two levels. On the level of the social reality the documentary represents the situation of economically disadvantaged young women in Ljubljana and Istanbul. On this level the documentary opens up a space for narrations, reflections and experiences of how motion to a foreign country – i.e. migration to promised lands, could open up new perspectives and provide a better life for this young women. The documentary explores experiences, fears and fantasies that will provide a platform for the second level of the documentary. This will be the coded as an artistic abstraction where the documentary explores motions of a performing body and explores the interpretations of the promised lands through techniques of modern dance, physical theatre and contemporary forms of performing. The two levels will be integrated through the working process, as the material for the documentary will be gained in workshops that will include a transdisciplinary approach – a collaboration of local young precarious and immigrant women and performers by the Physical theatre Bitnamuun (KUD Ponor).

To artistically reflect, engaging in a grass-root perspective, and by using the form of an art documentary, the ongoing inversion of the traditional socio-economic dynamics of migration of economically deprivileged young women. The project wants show how diversity of cultures and a more balanced intercultural dialogue might contribute to processes of democratization and development.
The objective is to address the process of democratization of the Euro-Mediterranean region in respect to the new social and economic collapse occurring in Western Europe. While on one hand Western Europe has always been a promised land for the South-Eastern countries of Europe now the Western Europe lost its status of a promised land. This might drastically invert the guest-host positions amongst countries and invert relations of power of Western vs. South-East. This project wants shows how this changes open up spaces for more equal and democratic intercultural dialogue by incorporating the artistic dimension and the grass-root initiatives focusing on young women of Istanbul and Ljubljana. We explore how cultural diversity opens up spaces of democratization and development.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 to Sunday, September 15, 2013