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PLACES OF DIVERSITY - Public Spaces as Field for Intercultural Dialog and Promotion of Social Values

Leaders of Tomorrow, Amman, Jordan
Co-PLAN, Tirana, Albania
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The project “PLACES OF DIVERSITY - Public Spaces as Field for Intercultural Dialog and Promotion of Social Values” officially began in August 2013 and it will last for 11 months. 
In many Mediterranean cities, especially those with less developed democracies, public spaces are often commercialized, or taken up by private capital investments. When planning public spaces the attention is usually devoted mainly to physical appearance, and much less to citizens’ participation in or the messages the space conveys to its users. Bearing this in mind, the project “PLACES OF DIVERSITY” can be an inspiration for those stakeholders who want to see social values promoted in urban spaces in their communities. Although the project will be developed for the towns in Jordan, Montenegro and Albania, the set principles will enable their application in other places.

The project aims to improve intercultural dialog between youth and civil society organizations from Albania, Jordan and Montenegro, through activities that increase citizens participation in promoting social values in urban/public spaces.
Objectives are:

  1. Increasing citizens awareness on intercultural dialogue and social values by using public spaces as a field to promote it
  2. Improving collaboration between actors dealing with urban and social issues in Albania, Jordan and Montenegro, through joint activities in public spaces
  3. Increasing participation of youth and CSOs in joint actions on re-thinking public spaces in Jordan, Montenegro and Albania
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Thursday, August 15, 2013 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014