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Abnna' Albalad Society

National Network: 
Faisal St.
+972 9 2395077
+972 9 2395077
Mobile Phone: 
+970 599 594960
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

We have 9 members also many of volunteers, we get fund from other social projects, from rich people, annual paying of members, we look for more projects, funds, exchanges, participating in seminars, workshops...

Mission and Objectives: 

We are Abna'a Albalad youth association in Nablus working to develop the voluntary work to serve this community in various services through youth, to enhance justice, equality and the respect of human being dignity.
1.Enhancing voluntary work.
2.Developing youth capacity.
3.Community Development.
4.Participating in activating civil society organizations.
5.Enhancing justice, equality, and the respect of the human being dignity.
6.Revive and maintain the Palestinian legacy.
7.Helping the poor and needy families through the various development projects in addition to their annual guarantees in addition to orphans, Also provide free loaf , food packages, provide milk for children in need, and other activities in this field.
8.Environment Campaigners.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Training Course in Project Cycle Management,Let's Work With Our Neighbors,Slovenia, Value the Difference MIGRATION, Italy, Meaning of Being Volunteer, Media and Child Rights" Toward Media Policy Respects Child Rights",European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights,Pioneered in Voluntary Work & Disables Advocacy in Palestinian Society...

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Nizar Said
Head of the organisation: 
Raed Toqan