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6 Amin Sami, Sayeda Zeinab
Cairo Governorate

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General Information

Africa Voices is a media platform that will address these challenges by giving a platform to the voices of Africans. The platform will feature stories from across the continent, told by Africans themselves. These stories will shine a light on the challenges facing Africa, and they will give a voice to those who are often silenced.
The target audience for Africa Voices is Africans from all walks of life. The platform will also be of interest to people who are interested in Africa, including policymakers, academics, and the general public.

Mission and Objectives

1- Increasing the visibility of African voices
2- Raising awareness of the challenges facing Africa
3- Empowering Africans to speak out for their rights
4- Promoting democracy and good governance

Main Projects / Activities

Africa Voices will focus on the following topics:
1- Freedoms: This includes issues such as the right to free speech, the right to assembly, and the right to protest.
2- Women's rights: This includes issues such as gender equality, violence against women, and female genital mutilation.
3- Economic and social rights: This includes issues such as poverty, inequality, and access to education and healthcare.
4- The effects of climate change: This includes issues such as drought, food insecurity, and the displacement of people.
5- Poverty, drought, political rights, and the effects of armed conflicts and violent groups on the future of the continent: This includes issues such as the impact of these challenges on people's lives, the solutions that are being proposed, and the role of the international community.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

I am confident that by engaging with the Africa Voices initiative and leveraging the extensive network of the Ana Lindh Foundation in Egypt and other African nations, we can collectively enact meaningful change. Here are several avenues through which we can collaborate:

Primarily, we can harness the Ana Lindh Foundation's network to identify proficient journalists across Egypt and other African countries who possess the capabilities to contribute to Africa Voices. Through meticulously designed workshops and training sessions, we will equip them with the requisite skills to proficiently convey African narratives while adhering to journalistic standards.

Once we have identified these journalists, collaborative efforts can be initiated to produce impactful content for Africa Voices. This collaboration may encompass the creation of various content formats such as long-form articles, concise videos, podcasts, infographics, and social media posts, all aimed at spotlighting the diverse voices and narratives of Africans, with a focus on the thematic areas outlined in the Africa Voices initiative.

Furthermore, we will leverage the Ana Lindh Foundation's established connections and resources to effectively promote the Africa Voices platform and ensure broad dissemination of its content. This may entail prominently featuring Africa Voices on the foundation's digital platforms, strategically disseminating content across social media channels, forging partnerships with relevant organizations or media entities, and facilitating access to app stores for enhanced accessibility.

In order to ensure that Africa Voices resonates with its intended audience, proactive engagement with diverse communities across Egypt and African countries will be prioritized. This could involve organizing tailored events, seminars, or interactive forums to raise awareness about the platform and encourage active participation from the target demographic.

Lastly, we will play an instrumental role in evaluating the impact of the Africa Voices initiative within the communities it serves. Through systematic collection of audience feedback, meticulous monitoring of engagement metrics, and comprehensive assessments, we will ascertain the initiative's effectiveness in achieving its overarching objectives.

By leveraging the vast network and resources of the Ana Lindh Foundation, we have a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to the success of Africa Voices, amplifying African voices, fostering awareness on critical issues, empowering individuals, and advancing principles of democracy and good governance across the continent. Let us unite our efforts and collaboratively strive towards effecting positive change.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

As a co-founder of the "Africa Voices" initiative, my decision to seek membership within the esteemed Ana Lindh Foundation (ALF) Network is driven by the profound advantages it offers our project.

Foremost, ALF's expansive network and wealth of resources present unparalleled opportunities to fortify and sustain Africa Voices. Through affiliation with ALF, we gain access to invaluable expertise, extensive connections, and potential funding avenues, all of which are instrumental in enhancing the impact and longevity of our initiative.

Furthermore, ALF's widespread reach across Egypt and numerous African nations provides a formidable platform for amplifying the voices and narratives featured in Africa Voices. By collaborating with ALF, we can effectively disseminate our content to diverse audiences, ensuring widespread recognition and resonance of African stories.

Additionally, ALF's network serves as a fertile ground for identifying and nurturing talented journalists who share our vision for Africa Voices. Through engagement with ALF, we can recruit skilled professionals, provide them with opportunities for professional growth, and cultivate a community dedicated to impactful storytelling and advocacy.

Moreover, both Africa Voices and ALF are united in their commitment to advancing human rights, democracy, and social inclusion. By forging a partnership, we can magnify our collective advocacy efforts and work collaboratively towards fostering positive change across the African continent.

Lastly, ALF's expertise in evaluation and impact assessment is invaluable for Africa Voices. By leveraging ALF's methodologies and tools, we can rigorously measure the effectiveness of our initiative, ensuring that our endeavors yield tangible and meaningful outcomes for African communities.

In summary, seeking membership within the Ana Lindh Foundation Network aligns seamlessly with our mission and objectives for Africa Voices. Through strategic collaboration with ALF, we are poised to maximize our reach, empower journalists, champion human rights, and contribute significantly to the advancement of Africa's future.

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Mahmoud Hashem
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Head of the organisation
Mahmoud Hashem/ Hossam Rabie
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Hossam Rabie
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