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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
General Information
Ahmetler Village Culture and Solidarty Association is established in 2010 in Mediterranean Region of Turkey. The organization is mainly based on Antalya city . It is a small association which is founded to support Ahmetler village citizens. Ahmetler is located on the Taurus Mountains (Turkish: Toros Dağları) in Antalya (Mediterranean Region). It has a population of 320 and people live here are nomads. This association has 7 founders and many members. All members in the organization are volunteers. Village have a lot of cultural and natural wealth and women in the village are active workers on fields and weaves rugs. The organization has a good relation with the local authorities. On the other hands the organization is open for new relations and collaborations with the different level organizations.
Mission and Objectives

The mission of the organizaiton is to increase the capacity of the Ahmetler Village citizens to become active citizens in the society.
And the objectives of the organizations are;
- To create relations with the different organizations to become an active organization ,
- To provide solidarity and mutual understanding between the people,
- To protect the becoming extinct nomadic culture and heritage of the village,
- To actiivate local women to participate to the desicion making procees and social economic life

Main Projects / Activities

Currently we are making a project about local medicinal and aromatic herbs. Village women picks and sells medicinal herbs. So we are making a project about searching and analysing these herbs and giving a training to village women. By this project we aim to teach bazaars for these wild harvested herbs to village women who picks them and by analyzing we will increase the value of them so at the end of the project this will aid to improve their economies.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can participate to ALF Networks events to contribute to developing new ideas and we can share our own experiences and realities that we are facing in our local. And we can also promote to ALF Network in our region to become more recognized Network in Turkey .

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Because our organization is willing to share experiences with the other organizations to became more known organizaiton. And also we would like to gain new skills and more experiences.In adition to this we would like to know new cultures to create mutual understanding between the different countries .

Contact (1) Full Name
Aslı İpek Arslan
Head of the organisation
Mustafa Güzel
Contact (2) Full Name
Mehmet Arslan