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  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
General Information

AIFED work in international projects since 2009. Normal we are about 15 volunteers involved, three o four paid workers, and we receive about four intenship by agreement with some universities from France and Italy.
Our annual budget 2019= 65182.67€. FROM ERASMUS PLUS - EACEA. EUROPEAN COMMISION

ERASMUS PLUS KA2 and ERASMUS PLUS ka 104 teachers formation.
In 2019 we have worked with 72 partners from all Europe, and Tunisisa, Georgia, Ucrania and Armenia

Mission and Objectives

AIFED is non-governmental organisation working at regional, national and European level in the field of education, culture, inclusion and employment. It is based in Granada, Spain. The organisation was set up at the initiative of experimented educators and teachers with the aim to create a non-profit association with a humanist character, which increases entrepreneurship training and promotes equal opportunities for all society members.
The NGO works on management and innovation of training together with employment programs for different sectors of activities. It focuses and develops its activities in education - training, culture and active aging. The organisation has a wide experience in developing personal and professional path ways trough training delivered to adults and young people with the goal of strengthening their competences in various areas.
AIFED is a very active association in citizenships initiatives, work really close to the Public Authorities in our region organizing events and conferences to promote an active participation in society for young people. Las year, we are organized conferences and events in the framework of the project NEW WALLS BROKEN, with more than sixty young people in Granada to discuss about the walls are separating UE. On the other hand, we have prepared (but Coronavirus situation has cancelled), an exposition about the ELBLAG (Poland) reconstruction, “ELBLAG, THE RETROVERTED CITY” in the Faculty of Arquitecture of Granada, as a model for our present, about the capacity of European citizens to rebuild ourself.
The NGO team is formed by expert teachers, trainers and project managers. The team is experienced in creating learning programs for teachers, staff of educational institutions, adults and youth. The organisation has a string networks and links with different stakeholders and works with public administration, private institutions and schools in Granada region. The NGO develops programs for teachers that work with adults and youngsters in risk of social exclusion or disadvantaged groups of the population. In this framework, the NGO has collaborated and created tools, methodologies and games as instrument of development for disadvantaged groups of people.
In the field of new technologies and ICT, AIFED has developed interactive web platforms in the framework of several projects. These platforms aim at improving the key skills of young people by making use of non-formal education, including videos, animations and innovative teaching materials that were embedded in these platforms.
We have participated in some project about care, working close to sanitary organizations in Granada. Not only sanitary issues, now we are developing a project about Mutual care between women victims of domestic violence.
AIFED participates with other local, regional, national and international agencies in organizing activities and training for innovation and access to job market to improve the employment perspectives of the target groups or to help them become entrepreneurs.
AIFED develops European and national programs, cultural activities and offers employment support. The organisation works to develop Improvement Platforms and supports e-learning activities in vocational educational training.
AIFED has participated as lead partner in the activities related to dissemination, designing strategies of integrated communication, creating templates, publishing articles etc., making use of modern tools for spreading the projects results as

Main Projects / Activities

With over 12 years of experience, AIFED makes use of strong expertise in working with various target groups in different fields of training and educational programs. Among the previous groups AIFED has been working for, we can mention: Youth programs, long term unemployed young people, adults in risk of social exclusion, adults in need of improving key skills, disadvantaged youth, physically disabled people, immigrants, refugees, women at risk, delinquents, people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness, children and youth from unstructured families.
In this moment we are committed to improve entrepreneurships skills with the EntreComp Framework in young people, not only to create enterprises, but to generate the skills needed to be independent, to participate actively in building a better society, to motivate young people to react against the problem. In this aftershock coronavirus, this work seemed a must for us.
Moreover, AIFED counts on its experience in developing local and regional activities in the field of training, culture, employment in its wide experience of implementing outreach actions, needs assessments, developing studies and manuals, research reports and studies.
AIFED members are experienced in all project phases, from design, implementation and reporting. AIFED also has experienced members in the dissemination field, being able to develop and implement integrated communication strategies in order to spread projects results and outputs to as various target groups as possible.
During the course of the year, AIFED has developed training, teaching and support materials for teachers and project managers, for schools and higher professional education institutions such as college and universities.
AIFED has specialized in developing new teaching and training methodologies using ICT and developing online digital platforms that offer training and teaching for the acquisition of new competences for the above-mentioned target groups.
AIFED has delivered more than 50 training courses for teachers in Andalusia, and Murcia through an agreement with the National Centre of Vocational Education of Cartagena
More than 100 events at local level in Andalusia region were organised by AIFED promoting knowledge about the European Union, its policies and institutions.
In the field of Capacity Building projects under Erasmus+ and previous programmes such as LLP, AIFED has been a member of the consortium in over 30 projects (currently 13 in implementation phase).
The key elements that make AIFED a strong partner are: its capacity to innovate, use design thinking and solution-oriented approach that it applies as part of its regular processes; networking capacity and strong links with the most important institutions in Granada, being able to involve a wide variety of stakeholders (private and public institutions) in the activities it is implementing; the team of experts that work for the NGO - teachers, trainers, project managers, entrepreneurs and experts in various fields.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Aifed brings to this network an experience of eleven years working around the world on issues that coincide with the objectives of the Foundation we are addressing.
AIFED is an organization that actively participates in other networks such as the EUROMEDITERRANEAN WOMEN FOUNDATION, ETF of Turin, Cedefop, Epale, Salto, among others.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Our request is in relation to our similarity of objectives and to the security that our belonging to this network will greatly improve our knowledge and competence, and as far as we can as a small association we will contribute our know-how to the partnership
Thanks in advance.

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MARIA JOSE martinez gonzalez
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Head of the organisation
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Project management