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Al Fatih Islamic Institute/Association

National Network: 
Airport Sq, beside Belal al Habashi Mosque
00963 11 5442699
Telephone (other): 
00963 11 5429023
00963 11 5419343
E-Mail (2): 
Organisation Type: 
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

• Islamic scientific foundation – culture and charity - 53 members, Directors’ Board of 11 members, active academic and administrative Board of 350 members.
• Sources of funding: Government Aids, monthly subscription of members, donation, and the revenue of some properties

Mission and Objectives: 

Teaching Arabic language and legitimacy science, protection of Arabic and Islamic heritage, establishing schools, high institutes, universities, hospitals, treatment of students, and publishing magazines and journals.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The Legitimacy institute as the most important activity of the association is divided into 3 departments: department for rehabilitation, Dept. for specialization, and dept. for specialized scientific studies in doctrine sciences, Koran, Ahadith,….

Head of the organisation: 
Sheikh Abdel Razzak Halaby (President of the association)/Dr Abdel Fatah Al Bazm (President of the Institute)

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