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Al-Fawanees Theater Group

National Network: 
Jabal Lwebdeh Akhdar Shanketi Street # 10
+962 6 4644885
Telephone (other): 
+962 6 4655885
+962 6 4655885
E-Mail (2): 
Mobile Phone: 
+962 79 5217062
Mobile Phone (other): 
+962 79 5868622
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

- Structure: the management board is composed of 7 members (general assembly is composed of 32 members)
- Budgetary resources:
- Sources of Funding: Greater Amman Municipality - Ministry of Culture, in addition to some private sector companies.
- Modalities of Action: (Theater performances, musical concerts, films screening, workshops, seminars, street performances... etc.)
- Main Partners: Greater Amman Municipality - Ministry of Culture - Swiss Embassy - Astragali Theater Group / Italy - Luc Peton / France - SEDA / Sweden

Mission and Objectives: 

Amongst the priorities and objectives of the Amman International Theater Festival are the creation of a free space for independent theater groups and independent artists. It is a known fact that all theater festivals organized in the region are considered government activities, inviting government theater companies, except in some rare cases. In addition, those festivals are run by people who are usually with shallow talents in both the creative and the technical side of the activity.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Some of the objectives of the festival cover the area of encouraging young artists with direct support and funding, whenever the financial situation allows that. It also provides them with the chance to participate and interact with other artists from all over the world.
The festival also gives special attention to continuous training where tens of workshops have been held in the different fields related to arts and cultural projects management.
1.Arab Arts Project
2.Young Arab Theater fund
3.Arab Theater Training Center
4. Nwasi (performance/ Tunisia)
5. 2 Joint production with Astragali Theater Group / Italy
6. Musical project between Rum Group and Becka - Sweden

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Ibrahim A. Alfar
Head of the organisation: 
Nader Omran
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Nader Omran

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