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Al Karmel for Culture and Social development association

National Network: 
Gaza/Nusirat Camp/13 akka Str
Palestinian Territory
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Mobile Phone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

General information about the Association
Definition/ aims/ programmers and sections:
2- Address: Palestine- Gaza strip, Al - Nuseirat Camp, Matter      land- Akaa Street.
3- Email 
4- Face Book:  
5- Tel: + 00720(8)2551022
6- Contact Person :Eng:Ayman Al-Hur (+972599677430)
7- Foundation date: 16-10-1993
8- Registration place: Gaza strips – Nuseirat camp.
9- Registration Number: 4005 Ministry of Internal Affairs Palestinian Authority.
10- Last election date: 18/6/2014
11- Classification: charitable organization.
12-Employees number 9(5 females- 4 males)
13- Volunteers number: 53(20 females -  33 males)

Mission and Objectives: 

General information about the association:
 Vision   

Work  with  you towards creative developmental  Palestinian  society.

 Task:
serve the Palestinian poverty stricken for fundamental rights of economic, education, cultural and social progress specially for destitute classes .This respect fortress aclimate and working environment sensitive to the needs of all . Archive, this purposes the association seeks upon all material and human abilities as a strong means to restore and developed the local and native association as well saving developed services, which have continual distinctive quality

Common values:

1- There is no discrimination between people in religion ,root,colour or kind.

2-Respect all believes  intellectual  political trends.

3-Respect all social customs and traditions.

4-Foster a spirit of team work and volunteerism.

5-Our characteristics is: honesty..accounting..transparansy

6-We are friends of the environment.


Main Projects / Activities: 

A visible audio library:
B Educational unity:
C Folk art unity :
D kindergarten and incubation section :
social growing section :
2- Association Aims:
Elevating cultural and social awareness levels as well as
reinforcing good manners, and consolidate the community work spirit among the Palestinian nation .
• Developing the youth and the Palestinian youth gifts further more reinforcing cultural, art, sport abilities, and create the immanence enterprises.
• Association allows, encourages and facilitates participation in professional democracy in the Palestinian society.
• Encourage the destitute classes through integration and participation them among the social and cultural life as well as solve a lot of their problems and alleviation some of their difficult circumstances.
• Contributing and educating the younger these qualities: honesty truthfulness , impartiality, competence and moral purity , construction the human relation ship on respect mutual among them , and fight against the all oppression forms.
• To take in to account of the Talent youth and prompts them as well reinforced their gifts and abilities.
• Fighting against all negative phenomenon which contradict with our morality and values in our society on the other hands modify false behavior step.
• Making researches, and studies which responsible and have a relation with development handout.
• Participating in a social reformation and growing aims by participating with the local society.
• Enhance and prompts the women role interaction and participating her in development process to make decision as a high means.
• Elevating participation levels especially in countryside and camps, serve the Palestinian poverty-stricken.
Physiotherapy  unity section:
E General  library section :

El - karmel cultural and social development association has been founded in Al- Nuseirat camp 1993 .In 1995 it was taken the au- theorization from the ministry of cultural and authorization from the ministry of Internal Affairs in 1996 under 4005 number as a civil association not for gain money .We have came to keep the Palestinian cultural identity as far as complete the local cultural programme .We realized the importance of cultural with its major dimension social and economic hereafter have dangerous effects to push the human progress in a specific high jump towards progress and welfare and build democrat society . The values that are enshrined in our association must also guide the forth-coming generation in all their actions: Fundamental rights social justice the dignity and worth of the human person and respect for the equal rights of men and women. Whereas Al- Nuseirat camp is consider one of the biggest refugees camps and has a lowest and poor services one among those camps .Ell – karmel association has a modern vision to guide and seek upon progress and welfare. But over and above this a huge classes take care with our activities and share our vision although the critical circumstances of occupation, there are seven major sections in our association:

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

This will contribute to the strengthening of the role of the Assembly in the local community, and give the ability to communicate with all the friends and donors around the world

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

‏Why do you want to join the ALF Network

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Eng:Ayman AlHur
Job Title: 
Executive director
Head of the organisation: 

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