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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
-Structure:head of organisation is its founder, but due to free accesibility to the project,anyone can participate in the project; -Budgetary resources:profitless; -Sources of funding:personal (it is planned to attract national & EU funds for non-music events` organisation) -Modalities of action:see "Main Projects/Activities" -Main partners:all who have wish to participate in struggle for brotherhoodly peace between Jews and Arabs and have a sense about rock/metal music too. One of most important partners - Israeli-Palestinian organisation MePeace (
Mission and Objectives

Organisation`s mission is simple - peaceful life for our kids.
Many have both Jewish and Arab blood, but vast majority supposes that it can`t be possible...that Jews and Arabs are totally different strangers with only one connection - eternal hate.Rare knows the truth - we are brothers - semites.And we want to live in peace, whatever it takes.
Thankfully, there are now many organisations, devoted to this issue, but obviously no one has succeeded, because problem still isn`t solved...
We,already participated in this project, are Semitic brothers misunderstood and neglected in one more issue - we are rock/metal music performers and fans.We have to pay innocently twice - being named as satanists (for listening to such music), terrorists and enemies.But why many of Arab and Jewish rock music fans became Al-Shalom participants is because we know that nothing is so uniting and brotherhood establishing than music we love.You may call fans of such music as stereotyped as you wish, but it would be impossible to deny that fans of rock/metal music are enormously friendly towards each other.
So, we use proved tool for brotherhood in salvation of our national and cultural stereotypes - and this is our mission & objective too.

Main Projects / Activities

Now main activity is promotion of project itself.It includes mutual, virtual advertising, events organisation, social networking etc.
Also it is planned to organise Jewish - Arab events doesn`t devoted to music - such as Jewish-Arab food festival, congress of Middle East peacemakers`in North Europe,youth summer camps,cultural evenings, activity in national&international levels.

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Mara Svelpe
Head of the organisation
Mara Svelpe