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  1. Human rights
General Information
63 members are retired 18 members are over 55 years old 20 members are 35 and over years old 14 members are youths The our mean annual budges is around 10000 -15000 euro. UNFPA, World Bank, American Ambassy,bussines, Vodafone,etc. Sensibilizing campaign in the written and electronic media, conferences, meetings, studies, circulating printing, etc
Mission and Objectives

It was the global movement on ageing in 1999, when the United Nations proclaimed the year as the International Year of Older Persons (IYOP), which inspired the establishment of the Albanian Society for All Ages (ASAG) on October 28th, 1999. Our mission is to work with and for older people, with an accent on older women in Albania to achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their lives.
ASAG, Albanian Society for All Ages, is an independent non-profit organization working to make Albania a better place for all ages. The vision is to work to enhance the quality of life for elderly, through social policies, advocacy and community services.

Main Projects / Activities

- On March 11, 2000 – ASAG established the National Coordination Network “A Society for All Ages”.
- 2001- Leading the National Platform “A Society for All Ages”.
- 2004- Established the first Day Center “Community for All Ages” services divided into two categories social care and health care. Enabling older people to continue living at home with dignity, following the idea of Ethel Percy Andrus, AARP “To serve, not to be served”.
- 2000- 2010- Sensibilizing campaign in the written and electronic media, conferences, meetings, the translation, publishing and dissemination of the “International Plan of Action on Ageing”, Political Document signed by the President and Albanian Government in the Second World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid 2002.
- 2005- Member of the board at the Central Working Group for development of National Standards for Older People, in charge of publishing and dissemination.
- 2006 - ASAG endorsement a Protocol of Understanding and Cooperation with the Ministries and with all the identified potential stakeholders. This document has been the first stone towards building policies, programmes and structures, in the framework of a National Strategy on ageing.
- 2008- Influencing Member at the Central Working Group for developing the National Strategy and Plan on Ageing.
- 2008-Member of the working group on the draft – law: “Care for individuals of third age” presented to the parliament in 2009. Nowadays the law is still not approved by the Albanian Parliament.
- 2008 – 2009 ASAG created the first precedent for female inmates achieving presidential gracia, which example will be followed in the years to come. Moreover, this also led to the changes of the relevant provisions of the Albanian Penal Code on special criteria on ageing. The abovementioned law amendments were prepared and proceeded by the joint action of ASAG and News24 TVmedia, and following to its implementation72 convicted women got the amnesty by the Albanian President.
- 2008- Workshop “Every woman has a voice” (Awareness and sensibilization to include older women as an active member in the on-going process of development)
- 2008- ASAG is founder of Task force of Oder Woman
- 2008- ASAG took intergeneration action 'Eradication of poverty for Elderly' in cooperation with Law School students over the serious lack of legislative framework.
- 2006- 2008– Fifth mission in Albania directed by Prof. Charles-Henri Rapin (Universite de Geneve) aiming the development and improvement of gerontology in Albania
- 2010 – Project for a modern asylum structure: “Asylum for Elderly Pilot project” with assistance of UNV expert. (ASAG is developing programs of assistance to elderly, especially if they are in poor health or without a family taking care of them. Currently, governmental asylum structures, throughout Albania, are very poor, located in old establishments and void of proper medical and social support).
- 15 July 2010 WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY (WEAAD) - ASAG organized a donors’ round table: “Protect the elder dignity, prevent abuse and neglecting”.
- 2011 Project: Study and evaluation of legal framework on the older persons.
- 10 October 2011, ASAG was organized for Hearing in Commission of Social Affair and Health on situation of Ageing in Albania between Government, Media and Elderly Organisations.
- 2011 ASAG coordinator between Government and UN Focal Point on Ageing for Report of a Fact-Finding Mission “POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES FOR OLDER PERSONS
- ASAG is a member and has a very strong contribution in written articles and reports nationally and internationally among organizations such as UN Focal Point on Ageing, AGE Platform EU, International Federation on Ageing (IFA), EURAG, INPEA, Helpage International, The European Reference framework Online for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, etc.

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