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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Arts
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
General Information

Our non-profit organization has been active since 2011. The purpose of the organization is to contribute to get the performing arts center position in education (formal or no-formal) and also to contribute to the search of approaches and techniques for theater as an art form and as educational tool. The organization places great emphasis on the development of educational and cultural projects in the promotion of non-formal and informal education, social and creative entrepreneurship and networking between organizations, to share experiences and enhance their potential. Our vision is the Revival of old FIX factory , a landmark and historical monument of 24 000 sq.m. into a creativity idea factory that will foster all kinds of art. We are already using 1200 sq.m. which we restored and brought back to life, we are in the process of renting 2000 sq.m. more, and we plan to restore it and transform it into workshop areas and in the first academy of technical circus in Greece in collaboration with Professors from Aristotle University, Street Artists and Acrobats. Main activities of the organization are: • Organization and participation of local and international practices, drama workshops, seminars, conferences and other training activities, as in the evaluation workshops, promotion and diffusion of effective practices • Organization and implementation of programs in and out of schools • Organization and participation in research groups • Publishing of books, periodicals, educational material, studies or publications • Organization and participation in artistic productions and cultural events • Create networks of partners to promote the arts in education and in all matters related to the purposes of the Association The objectives of the organization accelerated through the implementation of regional and international actions, always with the initiative and participation of young people in all stages of operations. The projects of the association are innovative and provide a variety of learning opportunities in the educational activity. In the association there is not employed paid staff, but works with the support of youth volunteers . Volunteers are people from all social and cultural classes, without any distinction, and are also the target group of the organization. Members of the organization include people who have experience and expertise in the organization, implementation and monitoring of festivals, conferences, bilateral and multilateral projects, but also people with a university education, including Education and Social Policy graduates: Adult Education (Specialist in Continuing education and Consulting), Law, Psychology, Literature, Social Worker and other specialties that are necessary when one deals with young people. The organization is located in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, a city of one million with the largest number of youngsters due to many universities that exist in the city. The city in history has been the crossroads of cultures and movements, with a strong position on the world map. Also in modern history has been the capital of culture and youth, leaving a rich legacy to future generations, but also a great obligation to continue to respond to what has been build so far.

Mission and Objectives

1. The aim of this association is scientific, artistic, educational, inquiring and by no means profit. In particular, the association’s purpose is the research of Theatre in Education, as it has already scientifically developed and the applying of theatre, educational drama, and in general performing arts in all forms of education. 2. The goal for the association is to contribute, so as the performing arts will gain a main part in Education (formal and non-formal), while helping the research of approaches and techniques in the use of Theatre both as an art form and a learning tool. Specifically the goals are: a. The initial and continuous education on issues such as i) techniques on theatre and in general on performing arts like direction, scenography, choreography, dramaturgy, music, e.t.c.  ii) Establishment and operation of educational and theatrical groups.  iii) Theatre, educational drama and theatrical game utilization to approach cognitive subjects in and out of the school curricula at all levels.  iv) Social theatre, drama therapy, psychodrama, music education, e.t.c. b. The exchange of experience, contact and acquaintance with educational systems and scientific and artistic institutions of other countries. c. The critical presentation of contemporary trends over the theater in education and the other relevant educational  and theatrical sciences, the presentation of young researchers work, the addressing-presentation of current issues and cooperation - communication with relevant institutions, both on a national and international level.

Main Projects / Activities

Indicatively, our participations in festival/concerts/actions since 2015 :  InArt Cinema (May 2016 – October 2016), free film screening every Wednesday.  In art Cinema is an all year round community building event,  via the screenings we organize parallel events like discussions around psychoanalysis and cinema , blind taste tests , mystery games , and through these events we aim to the strengthening of the social ties within our community. Until October 2016 we are screening French movie. In art Cinema was inaugurated with the screening of FESTIMAJ an international short film festival for amateur  directors ages 4 – 30. Festimaj, (May2016- June 2016) a short movie Festival. In collaboration with the French Institute of Thessaloniki, it was the first time that people in Greece could watch the festimaj movies and vote for them. There was free screening of all the categories of the festival for a month.  FREE 3 weeksPercussions and Drums Workshop (June 2016), with Victor Carme, a 25 years old French musician  FREE 2 weeks Humanitarian Clown Theatre Workshop (June 2016), with Guillaume Vermette, who is 28 years old and he is professional and experienced humanitarian clown .  Theatrical Seminar of 20hrs about the theatrical game and its use as an education tool (June 2016), with Nick Tsoleridis, a professional actor and teacher.   Stand-up Comedy Workshop (June 2016) , with Robert Coohe who is 24 years old and his workshop focused on the devising and development of new comedy material.  Festimaj, (May2016- June 2016) a short movie Festival. In collaboration with the French Institute of Thessaloniki, it was the first time that people in Greece could watch the festimaj movies and vote for them. There was free screening of all the categories of the festival for a month.  School performance with autistic children (June 2016). 19 – 25 years old volunteers of our organization prepared and organized a full theatrical performance, in which the actors were kids with special needs. The theatrical performance could not take place without the support from our volunteers.  El Aqua Negro (17th of June 2016). A theatrical play where the actors were between 19-22 years old and the whole team were under 30 years old. The 4 months rehearsals for this Play were also at FIX premises.  Antigone Project (May 2016), in collaboration with Anna Rossman Kiss(age 21)  a 4day theatrical workshop took place, that led to a performance.  1st Thessaloniki Opera Festival (September 2015) , a collaboration with the Archaelogical Service of Thessaloniki, the Concert Hall and the artistic team Skull of Yorick, that was attended by over 4000 people.(Norma, Carmen, Dido &Aeneas, Sister Angelica). During the opera festival we gave the oppurtinity to upcoming lyrical artists to participate in a professional performance. The artists in the chorus were as young as 17 years old.  Art direction of “Argyria 2015” (May 2015), a series of events of the Municipality of Thermaikos in Epanomi community, by organizing 5 concerts and several side events. Art direction and technical support of the Municipality of Thermaikos series of events, in art Cinema, with free outdoor movies in the communities of Municipality of Thermaikos under the auspices of the Italian Institute.    

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Evanthia Stavrou
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Project Manager
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Zafiridis Dionisis
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Maria Vasileiou
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