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  1. Arts
General Information
ArtAgent is an art organisation in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in September 2012 by six contemporary artists. The structure of the organization: Malin Lobell, president, Charlotte Åberg, secretary, Helena Byström, accouter, Lott Alfreds, AnnaKällblad and My Lindh responsible attesters and caucus. ArtAgent is an art organisation in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in September 2012 is run by Lott Alfreds and Charlotte Åberg. Through participatory and situation-specific art in the public realm, ArtAgent works to develop an increased awareness of the potential and capacity of art to impact society. ArtAgent runs projects at various locations: in neighborhoods, schools, social institutions, workplaces, public squares and art institutions, both in Sweden and internationally. The members of ArtAgent have a long experience in the field both in Sweden and internationally. The artists in ArtAgent share their knowledge through art practice, meetings and art workshops.
Mission and Objectives

ArtAgents mission is to initiate and organize art projects together with excluded and vulnerable groups in Balkan and Sweden. ArtAgent focuses on participatory art projects at schools, orphan-houses prisons, elder cares, hospitals and at residential areas in segregated municipalities. Art can be extended to the invisible materials used by everyone, the invisible materials of speech, thought and discussion in order to shape our society.
From the ArtAgent members long experience in the field they have identified positive outcomes from participation in the arts in Sweden and Europe. ArtAgent promotes the value of arts activity as being both intrinsic and instrumental, with the intrinsic being personal and individual, and the instrumental delivering a broad realm of benefits to society and civil life.

Main Projects / Activities

Documentary video and photos from participatory working process in communities made by artists and staff active in prisons, orphan houses, elder cares and other social institutions. Evaluation reports made by each partners about participatory art projects in Sweden, Albania, FYRO Macedonia, Kosovo and Croatia. Website with blogs and photo documentary and texts about the on-going working process.
Digital newspapers published at the website and printed for distribution at the workshops and international exhibition.
An art book with pictures from the participatory art projects; from the working process with people in communities and pictures by the work made by people in communities, prisoners, orphans, elder people and people from other institutions, texts by researchers about all participatory art projects. An overview text by about the whole project.
Video films; art-video and documentary, performances, music and sculptures at participatory workshops in Balkan and international exhibition in Sweden and Balkan.

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Charlotte Åberg
Job Title
Founder and director
Head of the organisation
Lott Alfreds