Asociatia Libera Initiativa si Antreprenoriat Tismana - ALIAT

National Network

Manastirii str. 290, Postal Code: 217495

+40 253 374 481
+40 253 374 481
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+40 765 386 022
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+40 766 873 330
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
ALIAT is non-governmental association and it was established in GORJ County, South – West part of Romania. The idea of establishment the organization came from group of youngsters of rural community - TISMANA. Organization structure consists of President, Vice-President, Executive Director, International Projects Coordinator, Local Projects Coordinator, Safety/Security Coordinator and Financial Manager. Besides, ALIAT has External Support Team, which means experienced mentors from hosting community, also experienced counterparts with who we cooperate in our EVS projects permanently, language teachers, psychologist and trainers. Since foundation of ALIAT in 2009, organization began to develop and strengthen its cooperation with local and International partners. Association established strong network of them. Recently, our cooperation with program and neighboring partner countries was strengthened through Youth in Action program – Youth Exchanges and EVS. Financial capacity of organization in a year is maximum 25 000 EUR based on implementing projects (group EVS projects, local and national initiatives). Regular activities of ALIAT are: Different kind of non formal educational activities, such as: outdoor activities, sport activities, group games, workshops, to send youngsters abroad under the “Youth in Action” program in order to participate in youth exchanges, to host group EVS projects, local/national projects/initiatives.
Mission and Objectives

The mission of the association is to build bridge of friendship, dialogue and mutual understanding between youth from different communities. ALIAT aims to support youngsters by different educational programs, to promote peace-building, Intercultural relations in youth, tolerance and solidarity.
Our target group is children and youngsters with fewer opportunities. Objectives: To provide educational programs to the young people with fewer opportunities (from a less-privileged cultural, geographical or socio-economic background), to promote understanding of cultural diversity and to support their integration into society.

Main Projects / Activities

In 2009, ALIAT succeeded to implement local project “VOLUNTARIAT PENTRU VOLUNTARI” (financed by County department of Youth and Sport – GORJ).
In 2010, ALIAT succeeded to implement local project “1st edition of SARA DE PITARAI” (financed by Local Council of TISMANA).
In 2011, ALIAT succeeded to implement “1st of June – 2011” and “2nd edition of SARA DE PITARAI” (financed by Local Council of TISMANA).
In 2012, ALIAT succeeded to implement national initiative (in GORJ county) “CARAVANA SEV” (financed by European Commission).
In 2012 - 2013, ALIAT succeeded to implement group EVS project “Volunteers for Youth Perspectives – V.Y.P” (financed by ANPCDEFP).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ALIAT will have important role in the view of contribution to the network in Romania and particularly in GORJ region, because it will be the first member organization from mentioned region/county which imposes us big responsibility.
We will be concentrated to initiate interesting and useful projects and use financial capacity of ALF to implement needful projects oriented on community development. We will be respective members of ALF Network, keep the rules and values of it and will promote network among all our local and international partners, as a rare and great opportunity for all organizations/individuals.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Our interest to join ALF Network can be explained for several reasons. By joining the network, we will have more possibilities to initiate and implement different kind of projects in order to provide support those who are in need of it – youngsters with fewer opportunities. We would like to bring possibilities for youngsters to discover personal and professional advantages of such projects.
As one of our working directions is rural development, network gives us possibility to implement different type of community oriented projects with the financial support of ALF and mobilize youngsters to increase the level of community development and awareness of young people with fewer opportunities.
Finally, different initiatives and actions implemented with the support of ALF Network will increase the capacity of youngsters, local schools etc.

Contact (1) Full Name
Daniel Caprita
Head of the organisation
Daniel Nicusor Caprita
Contact (2) Full Name
Natia Agladze