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Calea Serban Voda nr 28, ap. 1, sector 4
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

Se Poate Association (in English “It’s possible”) was founded in 2014 as a nongovernmental organization that aims to involve youth 16-35 years from our local community as active and responsible citizens. We have a President, an Assistant Manager, 3 youth workers with contract, 5 volunteers and several partners. We have an office in the city centre of Bucharest were our employees come daily. Budgetary resources available in a year depends on the number or the budget of approved projects we have and on the donations that we received. An approximate number will be around 200.000 euro. Sources of funding are Erasmus Plus Programme, Europeans Founds managed by the Government of Romania and private donations. We are hosting and also being partners in youth exchanges, Sports Projects and training courses. Main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities are Medicover Association, Lipanesti City Hall, Leroy Merlin, A&D Pharma and many more.

Mission and Objectives

“Se Poate” Association consider that the youth can produce a change at local and national level. For this reason, we support them in gaining new knowledge and gain new skills. With the development of Se Poate Association and our members, we have developed new strategies. Supporting young people with fewer opportunities remains one of our main priorities, but we look for ways to educate the young people through: involvement in volunteering, international youth exchanges, trainings, extracurricular activities, information events, developing their skills, and informing them about existing opportunities, which will allow them to increase their chances of employment, improve their soft skills and become integrated citizens.

Our aims are:
• support social and professional insertion for young people and adults, especially for those belonging to minorities and those with outstanding educational outcomes;
• develop and promote intercultural exchanges among the youngsters, by helping them get in touch with people from all around the European Union and not only.
• sustainable development by promoting solutions for the protection of natural and cultural heritage villages in Romania;
Our mission:
• To provide intercultural learning experiences for youngsters;
• To promote intercultural understanding, equal opportunities, tolerance and respect among people in the world;
• To help youngsters in their social and personal development through international projects;
• To raise awareness about sustainable development trough recycling and reforesting

Main Projects / Activities

Thinking local, we are very involved in the local community. We have our project "New Trees for New Life" where we are planting a forest (reforestation), here is the link of the project page ( and this event is happening twice a year since 2017. Every year we plant 30.000 trees with the help of a big team of around 500 volunteers. This initiative collects every year around 700.000 euro from private sponsors. New Trees for New Life represents a project of social responsibility and social entrepreneurship which was created in order to increase awareness in the community about the importance of protecting the environment through reforestation. Our final objective is to plant a number of 120,000 trees on 17.59 ha.
In July 2018- October 2019 we were involved in a very big national project that was meant to create and develop a public policy about non-formal education. We wanted to give more power to the non-formal education by this law that we wrote together with a team of experts. ( this was an intense initiative and project as we travelled all country to first discuss the needs of NGOs, Young people and relevant stakeholders in creating the law. After we had another round to present and promote the law written by the experts. Right now, the Law is at the Ministry of Education being studied by their team. As for the future, we are developing now a KA3 project where we will be holding a festival of elections and will simulate the suffrage process of the European parliament with students from all around Romania.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Sharing Ideas is powerful and also strong partnerships are always needed. We can bring non-formal methods, ideas and qualifies youth workers.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to build a more inclusive, empathic and strong society, and we are confident we will build great partnerships across the Foundation.

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Daniel Enachescu
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Head of the organisation
Daniel Enachescu
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Georgiana Marcu
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Assistant Manager