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  1. Youth and education
General Information

Aspire is an entrepreneurial training and consulting firm that was established in 2007. Aspire is experienced in delivering transformational solutions using innovative methodologies serving the private sector, community-based organizations and youth at large. Our 70 full time staff and 100+ part time trainers and facilitators are dedicated to deliver integrated experiences to empower the incapable and unqualified communities to lead and to make a real difference. Under this perspective, Aspire has partnered with several prestigious local and International Community development organizations including but not limited to: UN agencies like UNICEF and UNFPA, USAID, IOM, ILO Plan International, Care International, Save the Children, MTC International, DAI Global and the International Sports Alliance (ISA) to serve an average of 25,000 beneficiaries annually. Our services in this sector include life skills, Gender programs (womanhood and manhood), Health and Well-Being Programs, Education empowerment programs, Family programs, sports for development programs and Capacity Building Programs.

Mission and Objectives

Aspire ‘s vision is to empower, enlighten and inspire a deep and lasting transformation in the lives of individuals, teams, organizations and communities to live, lead and prosper. Aspire ‘s Mission is to deliver unrivaled integrated experiences in every training solution we implement using a unique methodology combining knowledge, experience & innovation.
The community transformation department is dedicated to design and implement innovative, sustainable and comprehensive empowering solutions to support the public sector. These solutions seek to lead social and cultural transformation with a focus on Education, Gender, Inclusion and capacity building. This purpose takes place locally and internationally integrating the different experiential learning methodologies such as Art, Media, Theatre and Sport with powerful usage of digital tools and trends.

Main Projects / Activities

Aspire serves the private sector through designing programs like corporate- culture transformation programs, engagement programs, Leadership programs, team dynamics programs and soft skills programs. The private sector department proudly serves more than 500 clients annually. This includes local and multi-national corporations.
Our Youth sector is specialized in designing youth empowerment programs which is focused on employability programs that bridge the gap between university and employment periods to be able to compete strongly in the market. This sector successfully partners with USAID, more than 14 universities including but not limited to (AUC, Cairo University, Assuit University, Ain Shams University and Alexandria University), and TIEC in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Telecommunications to train an average of 14,000 Youth annually.
Aspire proudly represent the Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) in Egypt in which we are the implementation arm of the developmental programs implemented by KNVB in Egypt. As an example, for that is, “The world coaches’ program” in which we equip Football coaches to design and implement life skills programs through football skills. Lastly, Aspire represents Emergenetics International in Egypt and serves the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. Emergenetics is an online neuroscience-based assessment where it is designed to explain to every individual an in-depth knowledge of their unique composition built on four Thinking attributes and three Behavioral attributes that every person exhibits.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Aspire will act as an open source of information for the network members especially in the areas of experience (including: Education, Gender, Inclusion and capacity building).

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Through joining ALF network, Aspire is seeking to increase its access to national and international NGOs with similar mission and objectives, in order to exchange experience and to cultivate multicultural partnerships. Also Aspire would like to share best practices in Egypt and to be a platform for exchanging experiences and networking in the fields of development and rights within the framework of common human values based on international and national human rights standards.

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Marina Daniel
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Head of Business Development and Partnerships Unit
Head of the organisation
Bassem Emad
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Marina Gamal
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Head of Business Development and Partnerships Unit