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3rd floor, Ctama building
Habib Bourguiba Avenue
7100 Kef

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General Information

The Association Cirta for Culture and Youth (ACC'Jeunes) is a transparent and inclusive organization with 4 dedicated staff members, over 50 enthusiastic volunteers, and two effective partners: TACIR and ROSE. With an annual budget of 90,000 TND, our funding primarily comes from the ROSE program for emerging organizations and the TACIR program for cultural inclusivity. Our modalities of action include providing a coworking space and cinema activities, as well as offering numerous capacity-building initiatives to the youth in Kef. We also organize debates with young people in Kef to ensure their voices are heard. Our main partners in these endeavors include the Higher Institute for Music and Theatre in Kef, the Regional Directorate of Culture in Kef, various university clubs, Radio Kef, and Radio Youth. ACC'Jeunes is committed to empowering youth and fostering cultural development in our community.

Mission and Objectives

Founded in 2022, the Cirta Association for Culture and Youth (ACC'Jeunes), located in Kef, Tunisia, is guided by a visionary approach. Renowned for its autonomy and influence, ACC'Jeunes boasts a diverse array of experts. With 65 dedicated young members and volunteers, our organization is committed to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where art and culture thrive. Our primary mission is to catalyze societal transformation and foster collective well-being, positioning ourselves as a key agent of change. We aspire to garner recognition from prominent institutions for our substantive societal contributions. Beyond being a mere association, ACC'Jeunes serves as a catalyst for potential and innovation, empowering young individuals to actively shape a brighter tomorrow.

Our objectives are clear:
- To actively contribute to the preservation and promotion of Kef's cultural heritage.
- To foster a genuine cultural renaissance within Kef.
- To expand our network by collaborating with local and international civil society organizations.
- To engage in and initiate diverse cultural and youth-oriented initiatives.
- To prioritize the well-being and advancement of youth in Kef and Tunisia, facilitating their personal growth and development.

Main Projects / Activities

Currently, ACC'Jeunes is actively engaged in overseeing two pivotal projects aimed at empowering the youth of Kef. The first initiative, conducted in collaboration with the TACIR program (Talents, Arts, Creativity, Innovation, Research), focuses on honing the skills of young individuals in Kef within culturally relevant job sectors. Through targeted training and development programs, we strive to equip them with the necessary expertise to excel in diverse cultural fields.

Simultaneously, our partnership with the ROSE program (Renforcement de la Société Civile Émergente) underscores our commitment to providing tangible support to the youth community. This project entails establishing a dedicated coworking space tailored to the needs of young people in Kef, with a particular emphasis on fostering gender equality and empowerment, especially for women. Additionally, we have successfully launched a cinema saloon, a venture designed to captivate and engage the youth of Kef, offering them a wholesome recreational outlet. These endeavors are pivotal in our overarching mission to uplift and empower the youth of Kef, driving positive societal change and fostering a vibrant cultural landscape.

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From this perspective, ACC'Jeunes emerges as a vital contributor to the civil society dynamic in Tunisia. By spearheading initiatives aimed at empowering and engaging the youth of Kef, ACC'Jeunes actively participates in the broader societal discourse, addressing pressing issues and fostering positive change. Through collaborations with programs like TACIR and ROSE, ACC'Jeunes not only equips young individuals with valuable skills and opportunities but also amplifies their voices within the civil society sphere.

The organization's efforts to promote gender equality and empowerment through initiatives such as the coworking space for women exemplify its commitment to social inclusion and progress. By providing platforms for dialogue, skill development, and cultural enrichment, ACC'Jeunes cultivates a more vibrant and participatory civil society landscape in Tunisia.

Moreover, ACC'Jeunes' focus on nurturing cultural awareness and creativity among the youth contributes to the enrichment of Tunisia's cultural fabric. By encouraging active involvement in cultural activities and fostering a sense of belonging and pride in local heritage, the organization plays a pivotal role in shaping a more cohesive and dynamic civil society in Tunisia. Overall, ACC'Jeunes' multifaceted approach underscores its significance as a catalyst for positive societal change and an essential actor in Tunisia's civil society dynamic.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Because we aim to be actively engaged with all networks that can give us experience and positif exchanges.

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Zeineb Mejri
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Head of the organisation
Zeineb Mejri
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Walid Hammami
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