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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
The members of our association are trainers, activists for human rights, teachers, artists who work voluntary. In our organization, many volunteers belong from vulnerable groups such as: unemployed people, emigrants groups, Roma people, LGBT who are actively involved in all the Association’s activities. As sources of funding for developing project activities are the projects grants from : “Empowerment Against Discrimination” –YIA, “Dare to be Yourself” –YIA, “The Art of Fire” – AFCN, “Core”- Grundtvig project. We’ve also developed many activities such as: The First March of Tolerance, The Affirmative Action, My Language is Humanity etc using volunteering work and natural contribution. We are collaborating with authorities and other NGOs such as: The Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, The Romanian Institute for Human Rights, The National Museum of Romanian Peasant, National Colleges,“Immediate Theatre”- UK, “ “Society for the Promotion of Social Initiatives Alpi”- Poland, “Manai mazpilsētai Aknīstei”- Latvia, etc.
Mission and Objectives

The Association For Intercultural Dialogue offers and supports education in the spirit of the European values by promoting values of democracy and tolerance, fighting against any kind of discrimination and understanding the role of diversity.
Our expertise is based on developing partnerships projects, European projects, working with young people groups as well as vulnerable groups, exchanging experience, organizing workshops and trainings .

Main Projects / Activities

We’ve developed projects : “Empowerment Against Discrimination” -YIA, in order to empower young people from vulnerable groups , “Dare to be Yourself” –YIA in order to dismount stereotypes and prejudices regarding the LGBT community, “The Art of Fire” – AFCN : in order to rise the inclusion or young rroma people and now we are implementing Grundtvig project “Core” for gender equality and against domestic violence. We’ve also achieved activities such as: The First March of Tolerance, My Language is Humanity, The Affirmative Action, Arising Awareness Campaign or we have celebrated – developing a partnership with National Romanian Commission for UNESCO – UNESCO international days.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Being a part of this network I could increase its visibility and I think that I could create a little network part of that network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

It is one of the most important network which will offer a lot of opportunity sharing the experience and support in the field of human right education and combating any sort of discrimination.

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Tania Nicolau
Head of the organisation
Tania Nicolau
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Lucretia Baluta