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Beit Hagefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center

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2 Hagefen St.
Haifa 3566211
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Public Institution
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General Information: 

Beit HaGefen – Arab Jewish Cultural Center

Beit HaGefen – a Jewish-Arab Cultural Center - is a nonprofit organization which strives for the creation of common and equal spaces that encompass the variety of identities and cultures in Haifa in particular and in Israel in general.  Beit HaGefen Center holds various cultural, educational and tourism activities aimed at a broad age range.
Our activities are founded on the belief that meeting and interacting with a different culture – its stories, cultural assets and spiritual assets – are important to breaking down the barriers and building trust among the different national, ethnic and religious groups living in Haifa and Israel.
We act with a focus on the connection to the community and the constant expansion of the circles of collaboration with organizations and institutions working to promote similar objectives in Israel and worldwide.


Mission and Objectives: 

Beit HaGefen’s Mission Statement & Objectives
• Developing the intercultural ties and interrelations between the different ethnicities and religions.
• Promoting and enriching Arab cultural activity in Israel.
• Developing and fostering relationships between nationalities in the field of culture and initiating activities that promote equal coexistence.
• Training young Jewish - Arab leadership in the spirit of democratic values while conveying means for dealing with the complex issues of a multicultural society.
• Serving as a central professional body in Israel and the international community on issues of multiculturalism and coexistence.


Main Projects / Activities: 

Beit Hagefen orerats throygh  6 departments: Culture , Contemporary art Gallery, Children & Youth Theater, Visitor Center, Dialog & Program Center, Library & Culture center for Children & Youth.

TGhe Budget is three milion dollars a year.

Sources: Haifa Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, foundations, Self Income, Collaborations with other organizations.

Beit HAgefen offer tours of the interculturals ciities of Haifa, Cultural Festivals, Concerts and performences, Dialog programs for all ages, art activities, exhibitions, workshops, Theater shows, choolsLibrary and more.

Among the main Prtners involved: Haifa Municipality, Shatil Israel, American Embassy, French Cultural Institute in Israel, Nonprofits like "Coexistance" (Switzerland), Heartbear(Israel) Ma'arag" (Israel), Schools, Universuty of HAifa, Oranim Collage, Bezalel Art School (Jerusalem).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Beit HAgefen is Working towards the general goals of the network, and may collaborate with other organizations and projects, as well as initiate it.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We believe in collaboration and sharing good practices. many of our projects are being executive through collaborations.

From looking at tne members organization we learn there is a lot in common to many of them and to Beit Hagefen.

It is alsoan opportunity for funding projectsqactivities,

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Asaf Ron
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Head of the organisation: 
Asaf Ron
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Limor Shine
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Resource Development

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