Cedars Phoenix Alpha to Omega

National Network

Saydeh Street- Mardini building- 5th floor
Ashrafieh- Beirut

+961 03 161731
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Human rights
  6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Others
  9. Youth and education
General Information

Cedars Phoenix Alpha to Omega, nonprofit organization was established in 2023 by a dynamic team, after leading a seasoned professional expertise for over 20 years in the fields of education, social work, social-vocational integration, counselling, lectures, law and politics, democracy, international relations, and community based development programs. Our concerns about inclusive education have resulted in reshaping traditional schooling, in order to induct it into the society and communities for the service of all people, especially youth in forms of projects, policies and engagement. Cedars Phoenix strongly believes that education is a birth to-death inclusive process, and everyone shares in the responsibility of educating all members of the community. Consequently, it will lead to expanding the traditional role and image of
education within a safe supporting community; developing learner/citizen approach for problems, challenges solving; and sustaining flexible pillars on local, national and
international levels to impact everyone else from local community members, government, families, neighbors, scholars, and the individual. We are strongly committed to
make this happen, and we know that there are people like yourselves, who believe in fostering change toward greater equality, democracy, human rights and social justice through community-based learning, through enabling people, especially youth, the under-served, and people with special needs to transform themselves and to improve the quality of life.

Mission and Objectives

Our main mission and long-term goal is to create regional centers for comprehensive lifelong education, awareness, empowerment, and effective practical implementation of democracy, systems, human rights, public opinion, public freedoms and democratization of systems, especially for marginalized groups, women, youth and people with special needs. The goal is for these centers to extend to all Lebanese regions to serve people in all dimensions of their individual and national life.
Therefore, we decided to diversify our activities to include arts, culture, crafts, workshops, health, social support, environment, agriculture, tourism, human rights and religious encounters.

Main Projects / Activities

Artistic and Cultural Educational Programs
Advancement of Human Rights
Crafts and Industrial Workshops
Charitable Social Health Center
Environmental, Agricultural and Tourism Projects
Spreading a Culture of Peace and Religious Encounter

Contact (1) Full Name
Ghassan Joseph Hanna
Job Title
Founder and President
Head of the organisation
Ghassan Hanna, PhD