City library "Paisii Hilendarski", Samokov

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1 Zahari Zograf Sq, flour 3
2000 Samokov

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General Information

The Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library serves the citizens of Samokov and the settlements in the municipality. Its structure includes: - Loan for adults - Reference and Bibliographic Department and Local History - Reader - Children's department - Art Department - two branches for adults and children - Department of processing and catalogs - a computer room The Library Fund consists of 141216 registration units. The registered readers for 2020 are 1605 and the visits are 24060. The library documents acquired are 873 and the subscribers are 62. The library has 24 pcs. Computer configurations with Internet access, 12 of which are intended for readers. There is an electronic catalog of books, articles and periodicals that contains 108518 entries and is available online. The priority in the work of the library is: - Encouraging reading and working with children - The application of modern information technologies in library service and improvement of internet access and electronic information about the users of the library - The introduction of new services for the residents of the municipality Since 2011 The library holds free computer literacy courses for users over 55 years. The library is funded by the municipality of Samokov and funds on projects. The budget of the library for 2023 is 227115 BGN

Mission and Objectives

Mission: Provision of information: The Municipal Library strives to be a center where people can gain access to various types of information, including books, periodicals, electronic resources, multimedia materials and other sources of knowledge. Education Support: The library works over this to be a place where people can train and develop, providing resources for self -education, training and cultural enrichment. Culture and art development: The library presents the cultural heritage of the Community through its collections and programs. Social connection and integration: The library creates a space for social meetings and the exchange of ideas, contributes to social connection and integration into the community. Targets: Increasing literacy and education: The library seeks to help increase community literacy and education, providing resources and programs for education for children and adults. Information literacy development: It also sets the goal of developing information literacy habits in its users, helping them effectively develop, evaluate and use information. Support of cultural diversity: The library seeks to maintain cultural diversity and respect for different cultures through its collections, programs and events. Local development support: The library can also work on the maintenance of local development, for example by providing information on local resources, events for local entrepreneurs, etc.

Main Projects / Activities

The project "Increasing the knowledge and skills of mayors and technical contractors from the mayoralties of Samokov Municipality for work with sites and administrative and legal programs for electronic services for citizens". The project "Green Idea - Eco Summer", which aimed at forming children of responsible behavior and culture that spares the environment. The library also conducts financial literacy training for children under 14 Since 2019 he has also conducted educational activities with children in programming with robots Finch, provided under the Generation Code project. Since 2022, media literacy training has been conducted for adults. The library also implements a summer program for children from 6 to 14 years of age, a "vacation in the library", which aims to organize the free time of the children, combining entertainment and making new friendships with the acquisition of new knowledge in different fields.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The library can contribute to the network of the Anna Lind Foundation in Bulgaria by sharing its good practices. Providing information resources and materials for various social and cultural topics. This will help network members to be better informed and prepared to solve social problems and challenges. The library can also organize trainings, seminars and courses to help professionals and volunteers work on the web develop their knowledge and skills. After all, the library can be a place for meetings, exchange of experience and cooperation between network members and other stakeholders.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The library wants to join the Anna Lind Foundation Network, because this will contribute to the expansion of its capacity, will give it opportunities for cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience. Also, network membership can improve the visibility of the library and help it to establish closer ties with other cultural institutions and organizations.

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Albena Ihtimanska
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Albena Ihtimanska