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North Macedonia

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information

SEGA is national platform of youth organizations in North Macedonia, with over 20 years’ experience in lobbying for needed legislation changes in youth participation, information, employment and activism. The main focus of field of work of SEGA is: Youth activism; Youth participation; Youth employment; Democracy, mutual confidence and cooperation; Community development; Information; Advocacy and lobbying for youth policy. Moreover, SEGA have significant experience in research, publications, development and application of innovative youth tools. SEGA has long-term cooperation with a number of primary and high schools, VET centers, universities, business sector and governmental institutions.

The management structure is composed of the following bodies:
· Assembly – composed of all members;
· Governing Board – composed of five representatives of the full members, elected by the Assembly;
· Supervisory Board – composed of three representatives elected by the Assembly members.

The executive structure is organized in the Head office, which is located in Prilep, with 7 permanent staff members. SEGA’s budget turnover for 2023 was app. 521’000 EUR, mostly funded by EU, UN agencies, Pestalozzi Children's foundation, etc.

Mission and Objectives

SEGA works on development and implementation of youth policies at local and national level, connects and strengthens youth organizations aiming to activate youth and improve the conditions for their personal and professional development in the Republic of Macedonia

Youth influence the changes and the development of Macedonia, participate in the decision making at national and local level for issues that directly concerns them. SEGA as a sustainable and developed youth coalition enables youth to believe in themselves, to accomplish their interests, to create and to build.

Main Projects / Activities

Project: Youth participation towards strong and sustainable community development
The project is financed by the European Union and aims to improve the quality of youth policy implementation based on structural cooperation and substantial participation of networked civil society. The expected key outcomes are: To strengthen the capacity of CSOs to independently and effectively influence local decision makers related to youth issues based on evidence and through local networking, To enhance the civic competences of young men and women to substantially participate in the democratic community life using innovative models through gender-sensitive and peaceful approaches, and To enable public institutions to develop and implement informed and quality youth-related public policies based on equal opportunities through sustainable partnership with local civil society.

Youth empowerment enabling prospects in Prilep
The main aim of the project, which is supported by the SOS Children’s Village, is to contribute to improving employment prospects and active participation in the labour market of vulnerable youth in Prilep. Through the project, SEGA raises awareness of the local community on the need for social integration of vulnerable youth in Prilep, increases the employability skills of vulnerable youth from Prilep and enhance their employment competences based on the actual labor market requirements.

Promotion of safe school environment
This project’s objective is to enable children from primary and secondary schools, to enjoy their right to quality education in a safe and participatory school environment. This objective will be ensured by ensuring that primary and secondary schools apply a prevention mechanism to address violence, improving teachers’ pedagogical skills and content knowledge as well as enhancing their teaching methods to support and promote protection, participation and gender equality. The project is funded by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

SEGA can contribute to the network by sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of youth, as well as the local youth context. SEGA can also enable local networking with youth organizations and relevant institutions.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

SEGA is joining in the ALF network to learn more about new programming approaches, to use opportunities for mutual learning and to expand on contacts for future possible partnerships.

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Executive director
Head of the organisation
Zoran Ilieski