Creative Insights Studio

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Håkan Lundbergs Gata 2
25237 Helsingborg

Organisation Type
Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
General Information

Creative Insights Studio is a multidisciplinary consultancy studio that offers design and management solutions for organisations in the public sector and governmental sector. We work in integrating design and cultural to solve critical challenges in education, community building, and environment.

Mission and Objectives

- We integrate a multidisciplinary approach to understand and investigate problems, contexts, and people. We employ tools and methods from ethnography, anthropology, behavioural science, and design. We develop and disseminate insights to reframe complex challenges.
- We design and co-create services, products, and strategies grounded in local contexts. Our process starts from early design research phases, through to the prototyping and testing of products and services.
- We assist in executing events, projects, and programs involving multi-level stakeholders. Our work includes concept development, community engagement, service procurements, planning, promotion & marketing, and documentation.
- We design and hold processes and spaces for learning, team-building, playful collaboration, problem-solving through generative and exploratory workshops, both in-person and online.
- We adapt scientific and design methodologies to conduct impact evaluation and synthesis services for the public sector and international organisations. We design and visualise findings in engaging and accessible reports & presentations.

Main Projects / Activities

- Söderscen - We are implementing a local placemaking project in the city of Helsingborg to activate public spaces in the district of Söder through arts, culture, and community engagement. Partner: Helsingborgs Stad
- Cultural Pearls - We are developing a methodology and toolkit to support four municipalities in the Baltic region to collaborate with their local creative and cultural sector as part of the Cultural Pearls project. Partner: Nordic Dimension Partnership for Culture (NDPC)

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

I see that the network and my work align and there are a lot of opportunities to contribute with expertise, knowledge, and networking.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I am already indirectly part of the network as I am also engaged with the company Mindpark who are partners, and I have been receiving updates as a private person from the network through the newsletter. We also work a lot on transnational collaborations between Sweden-MENA Region.

Contact (1) Full Name
Abbas Sbeity
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Head of the organisation
Abbas Sbeity