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Csuhajda Cultural Association (Csuhajda Kultúregylet)

National Network: 
Süveg u 3
4033 debrecen
Mobile Phone: 
+36 20 66 93 248
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

There 10 members in the organisation, but we usually work cc 30 volunteers intensively. There are no employees of the organization. Our budget was cc 14000 euros/ year in the past two years, through the raised funds for our projects.
Mostly we have concrete projects.
Main partners:
- “Winged Dragon” Private Company for Cultural Services, Nyírbátor, H
- “Verzio” Documentary Film Foundation, Budapest, H
- “Voice- Colour- Space” Art School, Bodajk, H (max. 100 words)
- Csapókert Community House, Debrecen, H

Mission and Objectives: 

Working for “better life” through art and community education and art activities, aiming the development of the individuals related skills.

Main Projects / Activities: 


Contact (1) Full Name: 
Nagy Ilona
Head of the organisation: 
Nagy Ilona

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