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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Heritage
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Media
  8. Youth and education
General Information

The organization's structure includes a three-member Board of Directors, elected for a three-year term by the General Assembly, which appoints the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The Board of Directors manages the organization and may authorize the President or a member to represent it before courts and authorities, entrusting them with the power to commit the organization by their signature. The Board's decisions are made by a simple majority vote, with the President's vote counting as double in case of a tie. For specific decisions, a full quorum and a 2/3 majority of all members are required.
The Board may delegate administrative tasks and daily management duties to the President, subject to the Board's approval. The Secretary maintains records, minutes, and correspondence, while the Treasurer manages finances in collaboration with the President. Budgetary preparation and submission for approval at the General Assembly are among the Board's responsibilities.
Board members must be European citizens, adults, free to manage their property, have a clean criminal record, and exercise their political rights. Only regular members of the organization for at least a year can become Board members, except for the members of the first Board.
The Board manages the organization's interests, ensures compliance with the statutes, prepares budgets and financial reports submitted for approval at the General Assembly.
Any Board member absent without justification from five meetings a year is replaced by the General Assembly unless decided otherwise.

Mission and Objectives

The purpose of the Cultural Company Cineart is artistic and cultural, never profit-oriented. Its main objectives include presenting film festivals, music, and theatrical productions based on Greek and global drama and satire texts, as well as improvisational theater, aiming at understanding contemporary issues through artistic effectiveness. Additionally, organizing concerts, seminars, lectures, and other events (such as painting and photography exhibitions) to approach and develop cinematic, musical, and theatrical arts, promoting culture and the arts in general. Providing education in cinema, drama, and music through seminars or establishing a higher school. Also, producing, promoting, advertising, and enjoying cultural goods and works by creating Cinema, Music, and Theater departments. Furthermore, promoting Greek and European culture through cinematic, musical, and theatrical education, particularly focusing on the cultures of Greece and Cyprus. Participation in common cultural programs and European programs. Organizing joint procurement of materials & support services for the departments.

Main Projects / Activities

The Cultural Company Cine@Art is a charitable corporation established in 2018 and since then continues to promote emerging artists, gender equality, humanitarianism, diversity and diaspora in films.
We are the co-organizers of the local festivals:
Bridges International Film Festival - Corinth, Greece
Bridges International Film Festival - Loutraki, Greece
Bridges International Film Festival - Nafplio, Greece
including several activities such as film screenings for schools and general audiences, concerts, workshops, photo and painting exhibitions.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As a participant from Greece, with our own multi purpose hall of activities in Korinthia, Greece and being supported by the local authorities,, our organization can contribute to the Anna Lindh Foundation network through various modalities:

Mobility for Partnership: We can actively engage in seeking international partners for collaborative projects and consortium creation. By participating in joint brainstorming exercises, we can contribute our expertise and ideas to the development of project proposals, fostering meaningful partnerships across the Mediterranean region.

Mobility for Action: Our organization can host and participate in face-to-face intercultural dialogue events such as workshops, debates, and trainings. We are keen on inviting external parties from different organizations around the Mediterranean to enrich these events and promote cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Mobility for Creativity: We are open to hosting creative individuals or artists, providing them with the opportunity to explore new horizons and collaborate with peers in Greece. Through this modality, we can facilitate the exchange of creative ideas and promote cultural diversity within our local artistic community.

Mobility for Knowledge: Partnering with academic institutions and peers, we can contribute to the creation of knowledge products related to intercultural dialogue. By co-producing cross-sectoral knowledge in the Euro-Med region, we aim to foster deeper understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.

Overall, our organization is committed to actively participating in the ALF program, leveraging our resources and networks to promote intercultural dialogue and collaboration in Greece and across the Mediterranean region.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We believe that our presence in the largest network of civil society organisations such as the ALF Network will empower the promotion of intercultural dialogue and the Greek heritage across the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond.

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Julia Logacheva
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Head of the organisation
Julia Logacheva