Culture Funding Watch (Observatoire du financement culturel)

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
Founded and supported by Wafa Belgacem  the team of 5 members is distributed in 3 divisions : advocacy and research, Ressources management and mapping of opportunities and actors. Our budgetary ressources avalaible in a year is 2000 USD and comes from self financing. We raise awareness through two webplatforms www. culturefunding watch and and social medias. We organize also roundtables, trainings on ressources mobilizations and project designing and debates (some press releases here :   
Mission and Objectives

Provide a central hub serving as a platform for capacity building, information and research in the field of financing cultural sector in the MENA region and increasingly in the African continent.Culture Funding Watch aims to be a leading source of information and intelligence about resources mobilisation for the cultural. Through data collection, analysis, and training, it connects artists, policy makers, cultural managers and philanthropist to the resources they need to effectively foster cultural sector development at national, regional and international levels. CFW aim to:
* build the first comprehensive database on funding for cultural sector for MENA region and Africa that collect and distribute relevant information, data and documents;
* Operate research and surveys programs designed to advance knowledge of cultural sector resources mobilisation at every level;
* Build and/or further develop effective, sustainable national, regional and international funding watchdogs to play advocacy and lobbying roles within countries, regions  and internationally as appropriate;
* Provoke debate, discussions and theorising around funding for arts, culture, creative industries and to develop positions and leadership on such issues in the MENA region and Africa;
* Facilitate the training and development of human resources required to practice, develop resources mobilization capacities and effectively monitor financial resources to protect and promote art and culture in the MENA region and in Africa;
* Mobilise at local, regional, and international levels resources to advocate for a transparent inclusive and accountable governance of the cultural sector.
* Undertake all relevant activities contributing to achieving CFW mission.

Main Projects / Activities

Collect and disseminate data about funding resources and financial support for cultural sector.
Organize seminars, conferences workshops on issues related to funding of cultural sector.
Conduct and publish surveys and researches on trends and funding policies.
Support the creation of professionals specialised in resources mobilization for the Arts and Cultural sector through trainings and apprenticeships on fundraising, project development, partnership and budget monitoring.
Offer outsourcing of resource mobilization and grant management.
Lead advocacy and campaigns about aid effectiveness for cultural sector in the MENA region and in Africa.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Within the range of its mission, Culture Funding Watch (observatoire du financement culturel) seeks to act as a central hub in the field of culture funding in the MENA region and in the African continent. It does so by providing information on opportunities (grants, fellowship, awards, etc...), research (actors mapping ), raising awareness and advocacy. CFW's contribution to the Anna Lindh networks will be to bring its know how to all the members of the network and to provide support to the activities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Joining the ALF Network will give us the opportunity to scale up our advocacy activities within the Mediterranean region on accountability, sustainability  and funding strategies for the Cultural and creative entrepreneurship sector.

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Ouafa Belgacem
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Head of the organisation
Ouafa Belgacem