The Czech High School Students Union

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Youth and education
General Information
The Czech High School Students Union (CSU) is a non-profit student organisation representing high school students in the Czech Republic. We hold bi-annual general assemblies where 5 or 7 Board members are elected by delegates representing their schools and our goals set. Also, we elect Monitoring Committee consisting of 5 members. We are funded both from govermental resources and private foundations. We are part of 2 main umrella organisations: the Czech Council of Children and Youth and OBESSU - The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions. At the moment, we don't employ and staff. The CSU is a partner of Ministry of Education and Educational Committee in the Czech Parliement. We mediate students' views on educational policy changes and aim to improve the school system in our country. For that we use media campaigns and projects focused on students.
Mission and Objectives

The Czech High School Students Union was founded to unite Czech students, promote and defend their rights, and, most importantly, achieve better representation of students in educational decision making. We encourage students to run active student governments in their schools, and on a national level we create a platform for students‘ discussion about education policy. We strive to represent students‘ voice in the dialogue with the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. Through our projects and workshops, we aim to develop students‘ skills such as critical and analytical thinking.

Main Projects / Activities

The Model Student Governament - brouchure created to help high school students to establish and maintain student councils at their schools.

No to Dubbing - campaign with open letter aiming to introduce dual broadcasting (dubbing + original audio with subtitles).

Round tables in Parliament - every 3 months we get tens of student in the Parliament to discuss policy changes with experts.

Experience High School Differently - workshops based on tackling common school topics (teaching, curriculum...) and finding ways to improve them.

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Stepan Kment
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Head of the organisation
Štěpán Kment