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General Information
The organization is presently composed by 3 staff members fully employed (project coordinator, administrator and secretary) and by a broad numbers of volunteers working on daily activities. The average budgetary resources available in a year are about 20,000 euros. The main source of funding are represented by main local and international NGOs, as well as international donors: European Union, United Nations, Swedish Cooperation. The organization develops its actions through specific projects on arts and drama to increase youth self awareness and foster social changes, artistic exchanges with artists of the organization and other international artists coming from North Africa, Middle East and Europe and human rights programs developed through the use of specific conferences developed through the collaboration of main national authorities and universities,and through the network with other main Palestinian cultural and human rights centers.
Mission and Objectives

Dar Qandeel believes on the power and the enlightenment that culture and arts can bring to the people, as an instrument to foster social changes and peace.
Improving communication and self awareness among people is the main goal of Dar Qandeel, believing that the only way to achieve respect and common understanding is the knowledge of our self as human beings.
Through the availability of staff expertise (human rights experts, teachers, musicians, painters, sculptors, actors ect..) and the strong efforts of its volunteers, the centre has become in few years the second home for all different kind of people that found and continue to find their own space to express their personality in a free and creative atmosphere.
Thanks to its peculiar and innovative approach, the centre addresses different kind of people (from youth to elders) through a wide variety of activities (theatre, music, puppets theatre, handicraft, storytelling, drawing, video making, photography, human rights awareness and social assistance).
The centre specifically addresses youth as the main agent to foster social changes, open to the participation of all boys and girls that feel the need to express themselves, finding a space out of the community control. The methodology’s peculiarity used for training programs is the mixed class, targeting boys and girls in the same moment, space and action, promoting gender equality, social justice and fighting social discrimination.

Main Projects / Activities

Main Projects: European Union project on the establishment of a School of Arts in Tulkarem District, Arts and drama activities for Schools in Tulkarem refugee camp, arts and drama programs for children in Tulkarem city in collaboration with international artists, project on human rights targeting boys and girls, empowering youth centers networking in Palestine in collaboration with main local Palestinian human rights and cultural centers.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Dar Qandeel could bring to the network the voice of the isolated , rich in local cultural heritage and history, bringing its artistic expertise and the use of arts and drama to foster social change.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Through ALF Network we would be able to increase our capacities to get in contact with other main local Palestinian Institutions fostering the impact of our programs at national level.At the same time we would be able to cross our social, economic and political borders, bringing our artistic and cultural voice at world wide level, increasing possibilities of international exchange.

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Alaa Rosol Ganem
Head of the organisation
Alaa Rosol Ganem
Contact (2) Full Name
Ahmed Tanbouz