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(+34) 91 8695445
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Youth and education
General Information

De Amicitia is an NGO and not for profit or any political ties. We have a team composed by active members, volunteers and 4 permanent workers. Our modalities of action include international volunteer camps, but also activities in local areas such as reforestation. In addition, De Amicitia participates in international exchanges and seminars for young people, both as a host and a sending organization. These focus mainly on social activities and the promotion of development, peace and human rights.
Regarding the sources of funding, De Amicitia mainly has membership fees, grants for Erasmus + projects and some specific grants from city councils or organizations such as the Madrid Community Youth Council. The partners of our projects are town councils and associations, as well as foreign organizations that are part of the Alliance network. The approximate annual budget is 90.000€, of which 70% comes from Erasmus +, 25% from the membership fee and 5% from municipalities and small donors.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is based on rural development and non formal education through volunteering activities and workcamps. All of our volunteer projects have a solidarity objective that seeks to improve the quality of life of a specific locality or community. At the same time, we seek to develop social and organizational capacities of young people and adults who, as volunteers, can improve values such as interculturality, tolerance, environmental protection, and the importance of peace. We mostly develop activities for youth and education, especially promoting the inclusion of those with fewer opportunities.
De Amicitia is also active in the WWOOF network for organic farming and leads other local projects. In this way, one of the main objectives of De Amicitia is to promote the development of rural areas, promoting agriculture, organic livestock and beekeeping.

Main Projects / Activities

De Amicitia offers its volunteers (both adults and young people) the opportunity to participate in local and international volunteering activities, mainly based in environmental protection and sustainable development, through international volunteer fields and activities in national and regional projects.
In addition, it also participates in international youth seminars and exchanges as a host organization and sending volunteers, mainly in matters of social action and promotion of development, democracy and human rights.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We would love to collaborate with Anna Lindh Foundation in the empowerment of young voices, which have a lot to say nowadays. Our projects allow young people of different nationalities to be in contact and, at the same time, to work in the construction of more open and inclusive communities that can confront extremist discourses that endanger the values of democracy. In this way, De Amicitia's volunteer projects encourage the exchange of ideas and dialogues between people of different nationalities, while helping to improve community development, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Being a member of ALF Network would allow us to stay in contact with other youth associations in the Mediterranean, with the aim of being able to improve and strengthen the dialogue between us. Likewise, belonging to ALF would allow us to participate in the different calls for grants and activities promoted by the Foundation. Finally, membership in this foundation allows us to be more informed of all the initiatives and actions carried out by the Foundation itself that contribute to the fulfilment of common objectives.

Additional Information
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Ignacio González Martínez
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President of De Amicitia
Head of the organisation
Ignacio González Martínez
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Fernando Antúnez García
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Head of Cooperation