DEMA - Departament d'Estudis dels Medis Actuals

National Network

Trafalgar, 25 2n 2ª
08010 Barcelona

+34 933198184
+34 933107522
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Research
  4. Youth and education
General Information
We are an association with a small work structure (at the moment 3 people on time complete and 4 collaborators). DEMÀ has about 30 associates. Our main financing comes from public funds (EU, etc) supplemented by the associates' contributions. Our budget for 2007 it is of approximately 80,000€ At the moment we are working in three European projects on the role of the adults education in neighborhoods in urban remodeling; the preparation of a course about the improvement of the democracy participate at local level and about the activity and mobility in European level for elderly people. We also participate in diverse initiatives presented in EU.
Mission and Objectives

DEMÀ (DEPARTAMENT D’ESTUDIS DELS MEDIS ACTUALS) is a non-profit Association, founded in October 1998, that intends to work in several areas in adult education, particularly in the field of labour and social integration, training for trainers and the methodological research.
They are part of DEMÀ professional of diverse areas, such as consultants in formation, experts in design and programming of courses, sociologists, graphic designers and experts in new technologies of the communication, etc.

Main Projects / Activities

Some European projects in that DEMÀ participates
CHAGAL. Curriculum Guidelines for access programmes into higher education for underrepresented adult learners (Wiener Universitäten. Austria); Web-site:
Community Centres promoting Sustainable Living (University of Malta. Malta); Web-site:
IPLD. Inclusive Practices for Learners with Disabilities (CKU. Poland) Web-site:
Strengthening Participative Democracy through Collaborative Learning. Grundtvig Training Courses. (Fritid & Samfund. Denmark)
“16+” (CESI. Bulgaria); Web-site:
Advocates of the people with disabilities (EuroEd. Romania). Web-site:
COMEDU-EU (Arbeit und Leben. Germany) Web-site:

Contact (1) Full Name
Joan Font Pérez
Head of the organisation
Ricard Martínez i Muntada.