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General Information
The establishment of EMUNI University started with the inauguration of the EMUNI (Piran, 9 June 2008). The next step was taken with the meeting of the University’s General Assembly (Barcelona, 26 November 2008), where 115 members from 32 states adopted the University statute and elected the institutional bodies. In February 2009, EMUNI University became a legal entity in Slovenia. Through a cooperation network of partner universities and other institutions in the Euro-Med region, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) provides study, research and training programmes, and thus advance the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Higher Education, Science and Research Area. The fact that the universities, higher education-, research- and other institutions from all the Euro-Mediterranean countries act as the co-founders of the EMUNI, gives this university a unique character. Acting as a coordinator and facilitator of joint academic and research activities, the EMUNI is becoming a focal point for exchange of staff and students of partner institutions.
Mission and Objectives

EMUNI is an international University with its seat in Slovenia and plays an important role in building cultural and educational bridges between the North and South, East and West of the Mediterranean. The University certainly encourages cooperation in higher education, following up the objectives of the Catania Process and the First Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Higher Education and Scientific Research (Cairo, June 2007).
EMUNI objectives:
• to elevate the quality of graduate education by providing enriched educational opportunities
• to build international, strong, university-wide culture of excellence in education and research
• to ensure a university environment that is inclusive as well as diverse and that fosters a spirit of community among faculty, staff, and students
• to engage the University in outreach and collaborative partnerships with the greater community
• to ensure an administrative, operational, and physical infrastructure that fully supports a first-class university by establishing a top-performing University Relations Operation

Main Projects / Activities

Main activities
Euro-Mediterranean Summer School 2009 (EMUNI Summer 2009)
Short programmes and international conferences
Together with partner institutions different training courses performed at EMUNI or partner universities will be developed.
Master study programmes
• In the academic year 2008/2009, Center EMUNI is organising three pilot Master study programmes of the “EMUNI label”, accredited by partner universities:
o MBA in Energy and Sustainable Development,
o MA in European Mediterranean Cultures and Policies,
o Euro-Mediterranean MA in Culture and Tourism
Doctoral Research seminars
1st EMUNI ReS (EMUNI Research Souk) - The Euro-Mediterranean Student Research Multi-conference
• June 9th of 2009 at EMUNI in Slovenia and 17 EMUNI co-founding institutions in 13 countries.
Topic: Unity and Diversity of Euro-Mediterranean Identities.
International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies (IJEMS)
• The IJEMS will be issued in two regular numbers and one on selected topic in 2009.
Research and Development Projects

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Prof. Dr. Joseph Mifsud
Head of the organisation
Prof. Dr. Joseph Mifsud
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Prof. Dr. Nada Trunk Širca