Ethnic Debate Forum/ Jewish Muslim Platform

National Network

Nyelandsvey 53
2000 Frederiksberg

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oo45 388881977
Mobile Phone
0045 40 15 47 71
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Media
  5. Research
General Information
EDF is an organisation which was established in 1992 to work with the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Denmark. It has evolved in to a strong defender of human rights, for inter-cultural living, co-operation between Jewish and Muslim communities and working to enhance integration process of minorities in Denmark. EDF has also co-partnership with various NGOs in EU who are involved in projects. It has a democratic structure with a board of decision makers, treasurer, many volunteers and helpers. Since we are working both in Denmark and in EU, our financial sources are; lectures and consultation fee seminars arrangements contribution by articles in the media sale of books and other publications project contributions donations membership fee Income varies from year to year and is between forty to fifty thousands kroners
Mission and Objectives

Ethnic Debate Forum is one of the most active organisations in Denmark working against racism and discrimination, socio-cultural work and media analysis. It is working to co-ordinate and strengthen anti racist work in Denmark. Members differ, ethnically, nationally, politically, religiously and professionally. They come from different parts of the world and are dedicated to the cause of harmonious relations between different groups. ?
Ethnic Debate Forum does lobby work, with the parliament, political parties, and grassroots anti racist organisations and solidarity NGOs. It gives out reports, distributes useful information, and holds conferences, seminars and debates on issues affecting the society. It takes part in media discussions and works very closely with similar ethnic minority and solidarity organisations in Denmark and abroad. It sends out teams of lecturers to schools, colleges and other institutions of learning.

Main Projects / Activities

Ethnic Debate Forum has established a good working relationship with different anti-discriminatory organisations in U.K, Germany, France, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Portugal. For the past many years, Ethnic Debate Forum has been highly appreciated for its lecture contributions and provision of factual data at various international conferences. It is also in partnership with many inter-faith and inter-cultural projects, in Denmark, EU and internationally, for example, in Israel, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Cyprus.
Media diversity – 1999 – 2005 - Holland
INTI project – Pesero Municipality – 2005 – 2007 - Italy
Intercultural work – Friendship Village – 2005 - Israel
Citizenship – 2005 - 2007– Cyprus
NILE - Adult education – 2006-2008 - Germany
Inter-faith training – – 2006-2008 - CEJI Belgium
Islamophobia-Anti-Semitism – 2008 – Belgium
Jewish uslim Co-operation Platform- 2006 -
European Network Against Racism - 2001 -
Alter Ego – UNIK – 2008 - Belgium

Contact (1) Full Name
Bashy Quraishy
Head of the organisation
Contact (2) Full Name
Nadim Nielsen