European movement in the Republic of North Macedonia

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North Macedonia

Kostadin Kirkov 5/8, Skopje
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North Macedonia

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

European Мovement in the Republic of North Macedonia (EMMK) is part of the European Мovement International, and since its establishment in 2002, has been working on the affirmation of the country within the European public space. In different periods, the focus of interest adapts to the dynamic environment, always remaining within the framework of the basic corpus of values, which are: democracy, peace, fundamental rights, justice, freedom, and activities for a better understanding of the factors of discussion. EMMK has 50 active members, 3 employed and more than 20 volunteers.

The budgetary resources available fluctuate on an annual basis, however they are usually around 65000 euros. The key activities that EMMK implements are: National Convention for the European Union in the North Republic (NCEU-MK), Marking of Europe Day - the 9th of May, and organising coffee debates.

Our projects are financed by the Delegation of the EU, USAID, Slovakiad and Kingdom of Netherlands (via MATRA framework).

Mission and Objectives

All activities, starting from 2002 until today, have the mission of affirming European values among Macedonian citizens and, through various civic initiatives, to involve them in the construction of a society based on democratic principles and social justice. In the last five years, our activities were aimed at achieving a higher level of citizen involvement in the European integration processes.

This mission, apart from increasing inclusiveness in the Euro-integration process itself, contributes to the dynamism of reforms in several sectors (judiciary and administration of justice, security, environment, social policy and employment, agriculture and rural development).

Main Projects / Activities

1. National Convention on the European Union in the Republic of North Macedonia. NCEU-MK is a civic platform for an inclusive and transparent dialogue for the democratization of the EU integration process of the Republic of Macedonia. According to its working methodology, NCEU-MK includes in the dialogue the representatives of relevant institutions (Government, ministries, judicial institutions, state agencies), MPs in the Assembly of North Macedonia, representatives of civil associations, enterprises, chambers, trade unions and other professional public). The influence of NKEU-MK in the democratization of society can be seen through the dialogue itself, which contributed to building models of participation in society, to increase cooperation between institutions and other stakeholders, making the activities of civil associations visible.

2. Celebrating Europe Day. From its establishment (1991) until today, EMMK commemorates May 9, the Day of Europe, every year with suitable activities. For more than 20 years, it has maintained the tradition of awarding the "European Person of the Year" award to distinguished persons who promote the Republic of North Macedonia in the European space.
3. Educational programs for youth inclusion. A project for the education of high school students entitled "Knowing about Europe – we learn more about us" has been implemented continuously for several years. Also, within the framework of the activities to mark May 9 - Europe Day, numerous activities are carried out (oratory competition, youth debate, quiz competition of knowledge about the EU, painting competition) for the affirmation of European values among primary and secondary school students , as well as for students from larger universities in the country.

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Mileva Gjurovska
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Head of the organisation
Mileva Gjurovska
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Nikola Jazadjiski
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Project Manager