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Rue Zayed Ahmed N 42
45800 Tinghir

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information

FADAE ATHENA (فضاء أثينا) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by a group of young cultural activists in the southeastern region of Morocco. Its mission is to empower young generations, especially women and girls in marginalized communities, to facilitate their social inclusion and economic stability by launching hybrid, online, in-person programs on entrepreneurship, cultural management, and resource mobilization through different activities such as workshops, mentoring, and a series of artistic productions. It also trains cultural actors to advocate for their constitutional rights, enabling them to be to research, promote and advocate cultural policies on behalf of local artists and preserve creative industries. Our organization is distinguished by the type and the methodology of work. We offer programs, focus groups, production of theater performances, art tours, open studios, meetings, festivals, surveys, reports, and expert mentorships, peer-to-peer competition, all of which are exclusively dedicated to three major issues in accordance with our current strategy pillars: the employment of female artists, the advocacy for cultural policies and gender equity, and freedom of artistic expression for schoolgirls in the southeast. Also, we regularly seek new methodologies and unprecedented approaches in implementing various activities and targeting audiences for better practice and goals achievements.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the association is cultural equity to all citizens of Southeast of Morocco. it aims to fulfill these objectives: - Empowering young artists and cultural activists in arts management, funding and creative entrepreneurship. - Training artists in cultural rights and tools to advocate the status of artists in the villages and cities in southeast - Empowering women and young females in entrepreneurship, protection of cultural rights and arts production. - Encouraging young generations to write policy briefs on critical issues in creative and cultural industries in their region. - Promoting job opportunities for young artists and cultural operators in most-demand professions in Daraa Tafilalt.

Main Projects / Activities

- She creative entrepreneur. - Theatrical performances and theatre plays tours. - Youth Forum 4 Cultural Policies. - Youth Lab. - Arts campaigns. - arts management training and capacity-building in fundraising, theatre, freedom of arts and cultural diversity. - Cultural Rights Academy (CRA).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We will contribute to your network in Morocco via these actions: - Understanding the body of the network and its needs and expectations. - Participating in the initiatives and meeting the objective of the network. - Suggesting activities and workshops in current project or designing future projects in mutual interests. - Offering training and capacity building either in-person or online for the members of the network and inviting them to benefit from the association experience and projects. - Offering fruitful partnerships to the networks members according to their priorities and visions.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are keen to join the ALF Network to:: - share our projects, ideas and expand our network with like-minded and leading NGOs. - Benefiting from the membership benefits and promotions. - Expanding our knowledge in partnerships and cooperation levels with high-caliber organizations.

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youssef soubai
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Internatioal relations coordinator
Head of the organisation
Hicham Boba
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yassine ouddou
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Project manager and member of the association