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FEJS Latvija

National Network: 
Maras iela 1, Lielvarde, LV-5070, Latvija
Organisation Type: 
Individual Person
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

FEJS Latvija is a non-profit independent organization dedicated to the exchange of information and networking among young media makers, journalism students, or professionals and citizens interested in journalism. It was created as a national organization of Forum for European Journalism Students (FEJS).
FEJS Latvija acquires funding on project basis from various funds and sponsorships. FEJS Latvija is active in many ways increasing awareness about main tendencies and problems in Latvian media and encouraging journalism students and media makers to take active part in civil society, promoting independent and ethical journalism.
FEJS Latvija organizes discussions with Latvian and foreign journalists on latest media development tendencies and opportunities for young journalists to enter the labour market, seminars and workshops for acquiring new journalistic skills and competences, article competitions for young journalists and other media related events. It also informs about local and international journalism conferences, seminars, trainings, competitions and traineeships. FEJS Latvija is member organization of European Youth Press - a largest umbrella organization for young European media makers.

Mission and Objectives: 

The mission of FEJS Latvija is to offer an opportunity for young journalists to develop their professional skills and get new knowledge and international experience, thus improving journalism quality in Latvia on long term basis. The objectives of FEJS Latvija are:
Unite young people interested in media (young journalists, journalism students, highschoolk students) thus implementing common goals and creating a sustainable network.
Enhance the knowledge about media, improve the skills of young journalists using both formal and informal methods.
Develop interaction between journalism students and professional media environment thus fostering young journalists enter labour market.
Invite young journalists for a public discussion about current journalism tendencies and problems and encourage young journalists follow the processes in the society.
Promote and support the initiatives of young journalists on the local, national and international level thus creating conditions for their intellectual and creative development.
Foster the mobility of Latvian journalism students and young journalists, inform them about international opportunities for enhancing their knowledge, as well as promote intercultural education.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The main activities of FEJS Latvija are:
1) Regular discussions with local or foreign journalists/experts about recent media trends and problems.
2) Workshops for young journalists and media makers in order to enhance their journalistic skills and competences, for example, media simulation game.
3) Competitions (for example, article competition) for young journalists to practise their journalistic skills and competences
4) Exchange projects and study visits with our partner organizations to foster intercultural dialogue and provide Latvian journalists with international background and skills.
5) Informing young Latvian media makers about national and international opportunities in media field (trainings, exchange projects, workshops, internships, contests etc.)

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To develop Mediterranean partnership projects and cooperation, to participate in ALF activities and projects.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Ilona Nuksevica
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Agnija Kazusa

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