FLARE - Freedom Legality and Rights in Europe

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10141 Torino (TO) Italy


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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information
FLARE is a network of 45 civil society organisations from 30 countries, committed in the social struggle against mafias and transnational organized crime. The members come from the areas of Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia, Caucasus and Balkans. The Board of directors is composed of 7 representatives of member organisations; the Assembly is composed by one representative per member. Currently, the staff is composed of 7 workers, based in Turin, and 10 volunteers based in some of the countries where members are based. The network is structured in departments: Campaigning, Cooperation, Communication, Memory, Training, and Secretariat. There is also a Scientific Committee, composed of researchers and experts, with the objective of orienting the activities of the Network and providing chances of cultural growth. The main activities are currently international awareness campaigns, actions aimed at promoting the social struggle against the OC toward the EU institutions, and training actions.
Mission and Objectives

Born over the assumption that organized crime has long become a transnational phenomenon, FLARE intends to represent an alternative model to contrast organized crime in Europe and the neighbouring territories. FLARE’s aim is to promote an alternative – however complimentary – modus operandi than the one implemented by institutions for the fight against transnational organized crime.
The FLARE Network aims at:
- raising awareness among European citizens about the diffusion and the influence of organized crime in Europe and in the surrounding territories;
- having the European Parliament proclaim March 21st “European Day in memory of the victims of the mafias and for the commitment in contrasting organized crime“;
- requesting the European Commission and the Council of Europe to legislate in the matter of reuse for social purposes of property and goods confiscated to international criminal organizations.

Main Projects / Activities

Balkankan. In August 2008, FLARE, in collaboration with 12 partners, realized a series of events in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia aimed at promoting cultural exchanges between Italian students and local youth.
In August 2008, FLARE sent a monitoring mission to Georgia to understand the condition of the civil population and displaced persons in the northern part of the country after the war.
Season of Legality. From March to May 2009, FLARE implemented a social campaign with two main objectives: to raise awareness about transnational organized crime; and to promote laws for the confiscation of property from criminal organizations and their reuse for social purposes. The campaign consisted into 33 events in 26 countries. The proposals issued by FLARE have been included both in the recommendations by Mr Deprez to the EP at the end of his mandate, and in the Pagano Report, approved by the EP on May 7th 2009.

Contact (1) Full Name
Roberto Forte, Director
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Andrea Sartori