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Fundació Somiadors Solidaris

National Network: 
Ricard Ankerman 35 a bajos
07006 Palma Islas Baleares
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Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Fundació Somiadors Solidaris is a small Balearic nonprofit Foundation independent and non-discriminatory of race, origin, gender and / or religion. We aspire to be a bridge between companies, government and private initiative to fulfill the wishes, dreams and illusions of the most disadvantaged groups, through the creation of businesses and projects
solidarity, both internationally and in the Balearic Islands for cooperation, training and personal development, awareness and culture.
Our dream is to be a reference and promoter of citizen participation, providing training, awareness, personal development, culture and international cooperation. Therefore, we participate in projects of citizen participation, with the time bank, helping young entrepreneurs in their business plans, we advise them and we collaborate to put them in contact with the social agencies for food aid economic helps and career. And we perform activities of education, training and integration of groups at risk of social exclusion.
Somiadors Solidaris was incorporated by public deed on 14 February 2011. It was registered in the National Register of Foundations of the Balearic Islands with the number 100000000296 (BOIB 92 of 21/06/2011.) And the Register of Institutions of Social Services of the Balearic Islands with the number 1000.
Fundació Somiadors Solidaris was created with multidisciplinary, multicultural, secular and nonpartisan vocation,promoting social cohesion and peace, tolerance, solidarity, dialogue, gender equality, sustainable social development, environmental and recycling. Its operation should be governed by the principles of efficiency, agility, transparency, non-discrimination, participation, promotion, solidarity, non-party and non-denominational.

Our Areas of action are: 1-International cooperation, development cooperation, co-development and eco-development. 2- Training and
education. 3- Awareness. 4- Culture

Mission and Objectives: 

To be a bridge between business, government and private initiative and to help for the wishes, dreams and illusions of the most disadvantaged groups through culture, art,training, awareness, personal and business development and national and nternational cooperation.
To get a better distribution of resources and promote the comprehensive personal development of individuals.Implement a culture of solidarity based on participation, efficiency and transparency and networking.

Main Projects / Activities: 

On July 2015, we won the XII Blas Infante Solidarity Prize 2015 with our "dream project" multi-cultural civic center.

To optimize the prize and raise funds for the civic center, we decided to organize three to five educational solidarity days through lectures, workshops on social, health and personal development, ecology-feeding and other activities (such as social relational art, music and cuisine from around the world) on weekends throughout 2016.

This series of specific activities in a day would replicate the model of the civic center and would finance the final project, a Multicultural Civic Center.

We want to promote interrcultural exchange through arts and creative process, personal development and education for immigrants, youth and  people on risk of social exclusion.

At the same time, we participate with the Time Bank Network of Palma and Adventreks Eco-Society and Welfare Association in India.It focuses on humanitarian projects in India for the integration and development of children, oppressed communities and impoverished families.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We want to promote development education , personal development, social participation and social change agents and be a bridge between enterprises, administration and citizens.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We believe that Anna Lindh foundation is a very active , interesting internactional network. We are following  you long time ago and read whatever you do. In addition Irenia Jocs de Pau , is in contact with us.

However, all the people who work in our organization are voluntary and we did not want to assume obligations that we could not fulfill. Now we have a more stable team and now we can assume the challenge to participate in your network.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Angela Pazos Arciniega
Job Title: 
Head of the organisation: 
Angela Pazos Arciniega

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