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General Information

GMD is an organization based in Malta, which provides consultancy services, trainings and coaching, supported by research-based diagnostic tools, on intercultural diversity management and gender equality. It helps organizations and individuals promote intercultural management, cultural diversity & inclusion, enhance communication, productivity & sense of belonging. It helps its clients to adopt and develop a global mindset and “culture add” mentality to attract and retain diverse talent; value and transform diverse workforce in a real competitive advantage; foster an inclusive employee experience creating community and sense of belonging; find the best way to promote social change while bridging the gap between profit and purpose. GMD is a SME with one employee and occasional collaborators who contribute to specific tasks and work on specific projects. Since 2021, GMD has organized four editions of a Train the Trainers programme with the aim of establishing a network of trainers and collaborators.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of Global Mindset Development is to provide consultancy services, training, and coaching, supported by research-based diagnostic tools, focusing on intercultural diversity management and gender equality. The organization is committed to developing a global mindset and creating culturally intelligent workplaces. However, its mission extends beyond individual and organizational development, encompassing a broader societal impact. GMD is dedicated to fostering positive change in society by promoting new narratives, particularly those related to migration. The organization aims to challenge existing perspectives and stereotypes through its initiatives, contributing to a more inclusive and understanding society. Through its various projects and collaborations, GMD actively works towards creating a cultural shift and influencing societal perceptions for the better. The objectives of GMD include offering tailored training programs, developing effective tools for intercultural skills, and creating a culturally intelligent workplace. The organization emphasizes promoting female entrepreneurship, youth development, and contributing to the field of education through collaborations with institutions like the Institute for Education in Malta. GMD actively engages in projects and initiatives that address societal challenges, such as migration narratives, LGBTQ+ rights, disability awareness, and well-being in minority communities. In line with its mission, GMD actively participates in European projects, such as ERASMUS+ initiatives, aiming to bring about positive changes in cultural perceptions and civic involvement. The organization leverages its expertise in diversity and inclusion, intercultural communication, and gender equality to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations, and communities.

Main Projects / Activities

In 2023, Global Mindset Development conducted over eighty training sessions, engaging participants from more than 80 countries. In total, more than 1,500 individuals were trained over the course of the past year in intercultural management, diversity and inclusion, and cultural awareness. In alignment with GMD's core competencies and mission, the organization is currently implementing the ERASMUS+ Small Scale Partnership project, "ORRAJT - On the road: new routes, alternative journeys and fair tracks. Challenging perspectives on migration, walking different narratives." This venture, funded under Key Action 2, has successfully secured a grant of 60,000 euros. Leveraging the established success of the Migrantour methodology with 24 partners across 8 EU countries, ORRAJT aims to introduce an experiential new narrative about migration and integration to Malta. The project uniquely incorporates local walking tours guided by migrants, providing an authentic and engaging perspective. Key objectives of ORRAJT encompass enhancing the belonging, civic involvement, and active citizenship of migrants and refugees through meaningful engagement with cultural heritage. The project addresses migrants' specific needs, offering training, recognition of their expertise, and fostering a sense of belonging through civic participation in cultural tourism. Global Mindset Development aims to actively engage Maltese schools, universities, and colleges in the ORRAJT project by extending invitations for participation in its tours to students. The objective is to provide a valuable opportunity for the younger generation to contemplate issues surrounding migration and integration. By offering these tours, GMD seeks to foster meaningful reflections on crucial themes such as acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. The initiative is designed to contribute to the educational and experiential growth of students, encouraging them to broaden their perspectives and become more informed global citizens. GMD offers a specialized course titled "Train the Trainer." In this comprehensive training programme, participants have the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge from our extensive expertise in the intercultural field; explore cultural dimensions developed by the pioneers in the field, delving into the historical context; stay updated with the latest studies and research on cultural diversity, inclusion, and innovation; the training also provides valuable networking opportunities. Participants not only benefit from GMD's wealth of experience but also gain access to our extensive international network. This network extends beyond professional connections, fostering a sense of global citizenship and community. The "Train the Trainer" initiative has already seen four successful editions, showcasing its effectiveness and positive impact on participants. GMD collaborates with the Institute for Education in Malta (IFE) to deliver Professional Development Sessions on intercultural communication, intercultural relations, cultural diversity, intercultural and interreligious conflict management, capacity building for teachers and parents in Maltese schools. The Institute for Education provides various modes of continuing professional development that inject the 21st-century skills and competencies into the educators at all levels of leadership and infuse equity and social justice within all the learning programmes. Since 2019, GMD has been collaborating with Learning Works Academy. For them, GMD has created and coordinated the Level 4 award, discovering diversity potential at the workplace. The aim of the course is to train trainers and managers on cultural awareness and diversity and inclusion at the workplace. In June 2020 the first cohort of students graduated and started working as Diversity and Inclusion officers in their respective organizations. GMD is also involved in various vocational education and training activities in Malta, Italy and other EU countries in different sectors. Together with Learning Works, GMD also offers training to local companies and organizations, like CareMalta, Farsons Group and the Malta Football Association on topics related to cultural intelligence and cultural awareness. Since 2018 Viviana Premazzi, GMD’s CEO, has worked as a lecturer for the University of Malta for the courses: “Building Bridges". Developing skills to work with people from different cultures”, “Responding to Multicultural contexts”, “Entrepreneurship: from ideas to action”, “Equality at the place of work”, “Gender and Social Policy” and as a dissertation supervisor for the Center for Labour Studies. GMD regularly offers team-building programs to businesses. These programs include "The Glocal Malta - A Global Mindset Development Cultural Immersion Experience" and "Life in the Mediterranean Sea", in partnership with EcoMarine Malta. These activities encourage reflection and skill development among participants from participating companies. As self-employed before creating GMD, the founder Viviana Premazzi and her network of collaborators were involved in various vocational education and training activities in Malta, Italy and other EU countries in different sectors. GMD records proven experience and expertise in innovative learning methodologies, online and offline training and educational technologies. GMD's work is inspired by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals which focus on addressing social and economic development issues across a range of subject areas including: education, social justice, diversity and inclusion and equality, social innovation.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

GMD can make a meaningful contribution to the ALF network in Malta by virtue of its deep-rooted presence and diverse collaborations on both national and international fronts. As a Malta-based organization, GMD brings a nuanced understanding of the local context, cultural intricacies, and societal challenges. GMD takes pride in its extensive national and international network, forged through collaborations with institutions all over Europe. This network not only establishes GMD as a connector but also facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches to intercultural diversity management and gender equality. Furthermore, GMD's strategic partnerships with key local institutions, including IFE and the University of Malta, underscore its credibility and commitment to excellence. GMD aims to contribute significantly to the ALF network in Malta by offering not only its deep local insights but also its extensive capabilities, expertise, and enthusiasm. As an organization committed to intercultural diversity management and gender equality, GMD aims to share its knowledge and best practices, actively participating in the network's initiatives. Our collaboration is not merely transactional, as GMD is dedicated to building and sustaining fruitful relationships within the network, fostering a cooperative environment where all members benefit from shared experiences and resources. By actively engaging with the institutions within the network, GMD seeks to amplify its impact, reaching diverse demographics and advocating for the importance of intercultural understanding, inclusion, and equality.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

GMD is eager to join the ALF network to expand its reach and engagement with like-minded organizations, associations, and NGOs that share our mission and objectives. By becoming part of this network, GMD aims to cultivate new partnerships and collaborations that can translate into impactful projects and initiatives. We believe that the ALF Network provides a dynamic platform for fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and collectively working towards a more inclusive and diverse society. GMD sees this opportunity as a means to amplify our efforts and contribute to meaningful change on both local and international scales.

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Viviana Premazzi
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Viviana Premazzi
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Irene Cristaudo