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  1. Democracy and community development
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General Information

The Hashemite University (HU) is the fifth state university in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Zarqa to the east of the capital Amman. Al-Zarqa Governorate is the second most populated Governorate in the country. The university was established to meet the particular needs and tackle the main concerns of this geographic area which are pollution, poverty, health-related issues of the Bedouin population, arid land and desertification. Another important factor in the establishment of HU is the fact that approximately seven thousand students from this area travel daily, by public transportation, to Amman to attend classes at the University of Jordan. These considerations together called for the establishment of HU. The university has several MOUs with universities from around the world and foundations to do joint projects, conferences and student /professor exchange and scholarships.

Mission and Objectives

The Hashemite University is a four-year coeducational institution committed to excellence in teaching and research. Its grand mission is to offer service and consultation to the local community in addition to the larger society. The Hashemite University's educational mission is based on the following pillars: - Giving the opportunity of studying and specializing in different fields and majors to both students and the community. - Increasing general knowledge with concentration on the levels and quality of teaching. - Conducting and encouraging scientific research, intellectual independence, taking personal Initiatives and team-work spirit. - Cultivating the Arabic Culture and the Islamic Faith by spreading their heritage, promoting their values and morals and fostering a sense of belonging and the spirit of responsibility towards one's homeland. - Ensuring a qualified staff of professors, technicians and administrative personnel, preparing plans for the processes, Studying and evaluation in accordance with the traditions of higher education in Jordan.

Main Projects / Activities

The Royal Decree ordaining the establishment of the Hashemite University was issued in June 1996. A Royal Committee was formed to manage and supervise this task headed by His Excellency the senate, Mudhar Badran, and included seven other members of specialists and experts in different fields of higher education. Similarly, The Board of Trustees was formed and included eleven members of specialists and experts of different education-related fields and headed by his Excellency the senate, Mudhar Babdran. The total area of the university's campus is 8519 acres 15% of which was used for buildings, 25 % for planting and agriculture. There are several activities in HU as cultural days conferences and making agreements with several universities worldwide in order to make HU function as a strategic partner in the middle east for universities abroad.

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Prof. Marwan Obeidat
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Prof.Dr. Marwan Obeidat
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Mohammad Mustafa Al-Dalala'h