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  1. Human rights
General Information

HRO is authorized to implement our projects in Turkey and Syria (Northwest Syria). We are dedicated to alleviating the suffering and ensuring the well-being and dignity of conflict-affected populations and those living in fragile settings. We focus on responding to the needs of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Syria and refugees in Turkey, providing specialized and focused non-specialized interventions through community-based, context-related, and culturally appropriate approaches.

Our core areas of focus include:

• Mental Health Psychosocial Support (MHPSS): We provide multi-layered MHPSS services according to the IASC MHPSS Pyramid, offering a range of interventions from psychiatrists and mhGAP doctors to psychologists and psychosocial workers (PSWs). We also integrate MHPSS services into health facilities and community centers to make them more accessible and reduce stigma.
• Protection: We address issues such as gender-based violence (GBV), child protection, and general protection, including risk education awareness-raising and legal awareness counseling by local lawyers on civil status documentation, housing, lands, and properties.
• Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) and child safeguarding: We implement robust policies and procedures to protect vulnerable individuals from PSEA and ensure child safeguarding measures are in place.
• Peacebuilding and community resilience: We facilitate peacebuilding initiatives and community resilience programs to foster social cohesion, mutual understanding, and collaboration within affected communities.

HRO combines humanitarian and development approaches to provide immediate relief while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. We emphasize local participation, integration of services, and strategic partnerships to maximize our impact. We also focus on civic skills development to empower communities to find, design, and implement solutions that work best for them.

HRO has strategic partnerships with leading humanitarian organizations such as IOM, WHO, OCHA, UNFPA, GIZ, IRC, and Canadian Government (CFLI), as well as renowned Syrian NGOs like SEMA and SAMS. We are also active members of global networks such as The Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies, NEAR Network, The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, HelpAge International, and MenEngage Alliance.
We are seeking partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to humanitarian aid, human rights, and community development. We believe that collaboration can amplify our impact and create a more just and resilient world for conflict-affected populations.

Mission and Objectives

Vision Statement:
To build a safe environment that inspires, encourages, facilitates, and promotes a wide range of social and humanitarian initiatives, to eliminate human suffering and foster a safer world.

Mission Statement:
To empower people to live in safe and compassionate communities, protecting their rights and enhancing their well-being regardless of gender, age, ability, or any other factor.

Main Projects / Activities

Our unique projects include:
• Rethinking Arts for Cohesion, Trust, and Inclusion: This EU-funded project, in partnership with ARCS and Bologna University, developed and published an art therapy training toolkit in three languages for NGOs working with vulnerable youth.
• Bridging the Gaps in MHPSS Services and Integrating MHPSS Services into Health Facilities: This GIZ-funded project developed a detailed manual for integrating MHPSS services into health facilities.
• Clinical Supervision Framework: This framework, developed in partnership with CVT, provides guidance and support for MHPSS staff.
• Academic Research: Care for Carers: This ELRHA-funded study, in partnership with UNSW University, aims to improve the quality of MHPSS programming through video conferencing clinical supervision.
• Child Rights Protection against Violence: This Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)-funded project uses child-friendly content to develop children's advocacy, defense, and human rights comprehension skills.
• Peacebuilding and Community Resilience: This GIZ-funded project strengthens community resilience through capacity building for key community figures.
• GBV Prevention and Mitigation: This UNFPA-funded project targets girls and women at risk of GBV through initiatives like the "AMAL" and "Girls' Dreams" programs.
• Psychosocial Support for Syrian Victims of War Crimes: This SJAC-funded project provides psychosocial support to Syrians who may testify or participate in European universal jurisdiction trials.
• Human Rights Advocacy Toolkit: In partnership with NEAR, OXFAM, and UNHCR, HRO developed and disseminated a human rights advocacy toolkit to address protection gaps in Syria.

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Giuliana Ciucci
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Mustafa Alokoud
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Mustafa Alokoud
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Executive director