Institute of Mohamed Ali for the Research of the Eastern Tradition (I.M.A.R.E.T.)

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Mohamed Ali’s Residence, Panagia District

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General Information
I.M.A.R.E.T. is a registered NGO with the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was established several months ago by concerned citizens in Kavala, Greece. Its aims include the study of the Egyptian influence in Greece and vice versa. The intra-cultural exchange and dialogue, as well as the promotion of art as a means of intra-cultural understanding. The first major co-operation partner is Cultnat of Bibliotheca Alaxandrina with the aim of documenting and digitizing the architectural heritage of the Mohamed Ali era in Egypt and Greece. Conferences and publications are scheduled to come out of this project as well as other. Our main partners are expected to be other NGO, universities, research centres and government agencies. There will be several sources of funding.
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Michael Lychounas
Head of the organisation
Michael Lychounas
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Anna Tzouma Missirian