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11 Denny Street
Tralee, Kerry

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066 7181358
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
STRUCTURE-Established in 1993 and formed as a Company Limited by Guarantee without Share Capital in 2001. KADE aims to promote and support Development Education in County Kerry. The ethos of the work is based on an educational development model that employs participative and inclusive ‘learner centred’ strategies. KADE’s strategies and plans are developed and monitored by a management Board of Directors. Staffing 2010- Coordinator: Ms. Mary McGillicuddy Administrator: Ms. Mary Foley DE Officer: Ms. Nogugu Mafu DE Officer: Ms. Aoife Comiskey Clifford IT and media: Mr. Justin Keane Resource Asst: Mr. Thomas McGrath Student Placements- KADE expands its staffing levels throughout the year with student placements from the Institute of Technology Tralee. The students work on specific projects and also support administration within the centre. Volunteers- As well as the voluntary Board of Directors, KADE promotes volunteers to get involved in KADE Activities. Volunteers have assisted within the centre and on particular projects. BUDGETARY RESOURCES- Annual income in the region of 130,000 euro. SOURCES OF FUNDING- As a not for profit organisation, KADE’s operations are funded entirely from grant aid, with some income deriving from fees and fundraising. The main funder is the Irish Government under Irish Aid DE Unit (Dept. of Foreign Affairs). Funding/support is also secured from development NGO Trocaire and EuropeAid, Grundtvig, North & East Kerry/FÁS, Tralee Town Council, Kerry County Council and other sources. ACTIONS-SEE KADE conduct local projects in Co. kerry and are representing Ireland on an EU funded DE Programme entitled, ‘Accessing Development Education’: Global Connections - Local Citizens making Global Connections through Education’ (ADE). This project aims at promoting Development Education within the educational sector across Europe, focusing specifically on Lithuania, Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland and Bulgaria.See KADE is also a partner in a Grundtvig ‘Learning Partnership, entitled IDEAS, ‘Intercultural Dialogue to Develop a European Identity among European Member States’. Partner Countries: Ireland, Spain (coordinator), Poland, Finland x2, Czech Republic and France. PARTNERS- Networking KADE is a member of the following organisations:  AONTAS  Dochas  Irish Council for Civil Liberties  Irish Development Education Association  Kerry Network of People with Disabilities  Kerry Community & Voluntary Forum KADE links and networks with the following local organistaions:  Institute of Technology Tralee  Kerry Education Service  Tralee Town Council  Kerry County Council  Partnership Trá Lí  Dochas  IDEA (Irish DE Association)
Mission and Objectives

Kerry Action for Development Education (KADE)
KADE exists to promote DE in County Kerry among formal and non-formal education sector and community development and related organisations, in co-operation with agencies and other organisations. KADE works towards a civil society where basic needs are met, people are empowered, there is equity in the management of resources, intercultural understanding and respect for human rights at a local and global level.
KADE Vision
KADE exists to create, through education, an understanding of development issues relating to world poverty. We wish to promote, in particular, the concept that every citizen of Ireland is also a global citizen with a responsibility to help the people of less developed countries to achieve their potential. We seek, as part of this educational task, to spread a greater understanding and support for the measures necessary to achieve the 8 millennium development goals set by the United Nations.
Strategic Aim: KADE aims to focus on the Millennium Development Goals, and to strengthen the capacity of KADE to act as a local DE focal point through the operation of a resource centre in Tralee and the provision of outreach training services in the County, and to intensify and amplify the impact of national bodies and increase the linkages of local interests to the national (and international) organisations and actions.
Strategic Objective:
Build capacity and promote use and mainstreaming of DE among the target groups.
 operate a resource centre and disseminate information
 operate projects and research into models of good practice
 provide training in the identified needs of the target groups, KADE Board and staff
 produce good quality resource material related to project actions
 implement a planning and ongoing evaluation process that will monitor performance, maintain relevant structures and strategically progress the work of KADE

Main Projects / Activities

KADE operational plan is divided into three projects:
1. Operate DE Centre and Resource Library
 Provide access to the centre for resources and information on DE. Provide access to resources online through the KADE website.
 Provide access to IT facility
 Enhance links with other libraries
 Display Irish Aid and NGO materials
2. Build Capacity
 Provide training on DE and DE resources to Kerry teachers through in service training. Facilitate networking of schools.
 Deliver outreach to CSPE and LCA classes
 Promote DE and DE resources within the community development sector
 Develop links with ITT (Institute of Technology Tralee) and Kerry Education Service (KES)
3. Public Relations and Community Events
 PR through the KADE website, circulation of newsletters, media coverage and networking with other agencies.
 Promote DE throughout the County
 Circulate materials of other NGO campaigns
 Develop and promote community events locally which promote global development issues
See also a ‘YouTube’ documentary recently done on KADE:

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Mary McGillicuddy
Head of the organisation
Sean Lyons
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Mary Foley