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The 100 Readers Initiative, established in 2019 by a sole founder (myself), and has recently expanded its team by employing two new members: 1- Firas Khalifeh, a media presenter specializing in media and currently having his TV program (شارع الحمرا) focusing on cultural and reading content, and 2- Nancy Hussein, she’s an engineer with expertise in technical development and three additional majors necessary to our project.

The initiative was initially funded by personal savings after I returned from the Gulf where I worked as a teacher for around seven years. It prioritizes fostering a culture of reading and facilitating cross-cultural dialogue among youth in the Arab region. Operating as a community-focused endeavor, the online bookstore offers affordable books to incentivize reading.

Due to funding challenges in parallel with the current situation in Lebanon, the initiative temporarily halted its activities. However, with a growing demand from readers and recognition of its significance in bridging cultural divides, the initiative is seeking urgent funding to revitalize its operations and expand its impact.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the 100 Readers Initiative is to cultivate a vibrant reading culture and promote intercultural understanding among youth in the Arab region. Our primary objective is to empower individuals to embrace the enriching world of literature, fostering dialogue, empathy, and critical thinking skills essential for personal and societal growth.

Through our online bookstore, we aim to make quality literature accessible to readers at affordable prices, thereby removing barriers to entry and encouraging widespread engagement with books. We seek to spark a passion for reading and lifelong learning, recognizing the transformative power of literature in shaping minds and shaping societies.

Furthermore, we strive to bridge cultural divides by facilitating exchanges and conversations around literature, promoting mutual respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives. By leveraging technology and partnerships, we aim to expand our reach and impact, connecting readers across borders and fostering a sense of community united by a shared love for reading and learning.

To gain a deeper understanding of our objectives and our roadmap to reach a million readers in Arab countries, we invite you to visit our Facebook post announcing the launch of the initiative in 2019 by visiting the following link:…

Main Projects / Activities

Our flagship project, the 100 Arab Readers Initiative, serves as a catalyst for fostering a love for literature and cross-cultural dialogue among youth in the Arab region. To learn more about the mechanisms and impact of our initiative, we invite you to visit the following link:

Additionally, our current activity can be explored through this link:

To access the platform for our previous activity, please visit the following link: Use reader's name: (ALF) and code: (0123456789), then click on the yellow link that appears upon entering the correct credentials.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The 100 Readers Initiative can contribute to the Anna Lindh Foundation Network in Lebanon by actively participating in and supporting initiatives aimed at promoting literacy, cultural exchange, and dialogue among youth. Through our established platform, we can collaborate with local organizations and institutions aligned with the Foundation's goals to organize reading events, book clubs, and educational workshops. Additionally, we can share our expertise in leveraging technology to enhance access to literature and foster cross-cultural understanding, thereby enriching the Network's efforts to promote intercultural dialogue and cooperation in our community.

By engaging with the Anna Lindh Foundation Network, we aim to amplify our impact and contribute to building a more inclusive and interconnected society.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I am eager to join the ALF Network for several reasons. Firstly, I recognize the immense value of networking and connecting with like-minded organizations dedicated to fostering intercultural dialogue and understanding. By becoming a part of the ALF Network, I aim to collaborate with other passionate individuals and organizations to amplify our collective impact and exchange valuable insights and resources.

Moreover, the opportunity to access funding through the ALF Network is crucial for the sustainability and growth of our initiative, especially given the challenging economic situation in Lebanon. Securing additional resources will enable us to expand our reach, develop innovative programs, and better serve our community of readers.

Additionally, I am keen to participate in the professional development opportunities offered by ALF. Engaging in training, workshops, and conferences organized by ALF will enhance our team's skills and expertise, allowing us to effectively address the evolving needs of our audience and maximize our impact.

Furthermore, joining the ALF Network aligns with our commitment to promoting literacy, cultural exchange, and dialogue, values that are central to the mission of the foundation.

By collaborating with ALF and its diverse network of stakeholders, we can contribute to building a more inclusive and interconnected society where the transformative power of reading is accessible to all.

In summary, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of joining the ALF Network to access funding, engage in professional development opportunities, and connect with like-minded organizations. Together, we can work towards our shared goal of fostering intercultural understanding and promoting a culture of reading in the Arab world and beyond.

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Mohammad Khalifeh
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Founder & CEO
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Mohammad Khalifeh