Luthiers Sans Frontières (LSF) / Violinists Without Borders

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119 Chemin de Crolites, B-7800

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General Information
1. LSF is an international NGO of Belgian rights, member of the National Center of the Development co-operation (CNCD). The Association is directed by a board of directors, composed by the president, the secretary and the treasurer. 2. The annual budget amounts to approx. 40.000,00 EUR. 3. LSF is given public subsidies on behalf of the government of the Walloon Area of general Belgium and the Police station to the International relations of the French Community (CGRI) and the Management of the International relations of the Walloon Area (DRI). Other sources of financing are the contributions of the members and the gifts private. 4. The principal method of action of LSF they are concrete projects aiming of the vocational trainings within the organizations and associations partners. 5. Today LSF takes into account partners of six countries, namely Algérie, Brésil, Chile, Congo, Cuba and Palestine. They are in particular schools music and arts centres.
Mission and Objectives

LSF privileges an in-depth work which aims at the training of local violin makers and teaching to the musicians of the elementary principles of maintenance of their instruments. LSF fits resolutely in a prospect for construction of capacities and division of knowledge. The material gift is not a priority for LSF. However, the teaching of the trade being done partly by the practice, LSF collects instruments occasionally and provides quite naturally and free services of repair musicians, orchestras and schools, where these services do not exist locally. LSF also aims the organization of the musical training courses while taking care to promote the exchanges between young musicians of developed countries and country in the process of development.

Main Projects / Activities

In six years, LSF realized on average between 3 and 5 missions of formation per annum. Activities of the same order are being carried out in Congo, where a project of formation in stringed-instrument trade started in 2005. In other countries (Algeria, Brazil, Chile) of the missions of identification, resulting from requests emitted by the countries, one carried out.

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